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I am 37 , and 9 years ago I started having doubling over  attacks of pain in my abdomin along with uncontrolable diarrehea it was so bad that i couldn't work or for that matter even go out in public I would go to the ER and the DR. and i guess because of my age they assumed that i was only trying to get pain medication and treated me as if I was an addict and this proceeded to happen for years, only back then it wasn't near as bad as it is now. But years went on and so did the pain and diarrehea until 2 years ago I was confined to my couch and toilet and losing up to 3-5 pounds a day I WAS DYING!   I thought I had cancer all the signs and symptoms were there I could not even keep water down, so I made one final attempt to seek help and only because of me having a break down at the doctors office did they listen to me, and there response was I'm so sorry and sent me to a gastrinologist, they did testing and found noting but new something was causing all of this so they sent me to have a ultra sonic sound wave done by scope and found that my pancrease was ate up with scar tissue and diagnoised me with chronic pancreatitis and said its irreversable and i would be on pain meds the rest of my life. so I followed up with my family dr. and he started me on pain meds 1000 mg 3 x a day along with lomotil for diarrehea and i was doing good I was managing then a year later the dr. tells me he's sending me to a pain management dr. and he will no longer be treating my pain. so i go and immediately this new dr. takes me off my meds and starts treating me like and addict testing me 2-3 x a week for drugs which he never found, but still treated me like a dog over and over again and left me in pain without help and didnt care to listen to anything i had to say, he did do a nerve block on me which left me worse off than i already was for the first month after the block i was in so much pain in the back and vomiting so much i wished i was dead, his response was lets do a pain pump! which I did not want. I wanted to be in control of my pain, and with the pump he would be able to give me doses of medication when ever and as much as he wanted and i didnt want that because some days i wouldnt need pain meds. well about a month after the block i started feeling better and thought ok maybe the nerve block did work and was scheduled for another when i arrived at the dr. to have this done I was told go home he would not be in today and didnt know when he would be back in. only a week later did i find out why, he was arrested for malpractice,insurance fraud and over medicating  he's patience which resulted in the death of a 27 year old women and re using dirty needles on 1800 patients i was mortified to learn this and now im left in pain once again and in need of a good doctor.
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Degeorge33 is right! That is sound advice. The pain meds might help make the pain the tolerable but it only masks the true problem. your pancreas is damaged seek help from a pancreas disease center. Cincinnati has a great one. The GI docs work with surgeons, diabetes docs, and pain specialists. Dont live with it find a cure.

You seriously should come see Dr.John Christein at U.A.B. University of Alabama in Birmingham!! Wonderful surgeon.He removed my daughters Pancrease Oct.26th 2009.She was born with Hereditary Pancreatitis.Which we found when she was 2.She is doing wonderful now going stronger than ever!!! There ishelp out there,but there also is is very rude and crappy Dr's out there.Them knowing you have chronic Pancreatitis they should know the pain you are in!!! You should also be on Pancreatic enzymes The G.I. Dr knows this also..It blows my mind of the ignorance of some Drs.<br />
Please let me know how you are doing.<br />
<br />
PS the Pancreatic enzymes will also help with the direaha..The enzymes do the job the Pancrease does breaks down your fats and proteins..It allows the pancrease to rest and not have to work as hard..

Why has the doctors never suggested maybe removing the pancreas? The movie star Peter O'Toole had his pancreas removed 34 yrs ago and it still alive. I too have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatis. I just found out on Tues of this week although I have been hurting constantly for 2 years and have been giving 101 different diagnosis over this time.