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I've had Chronic Pancreastitis for 14 years and I am 18 years old. They have no idea about why I have this disease and I am sick of suffering. Other things have happened to me, because of my pancreas. Right now, I am in the hospital again due to the disease. I really wish I could find some answers about why I have this...
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My daughter is 11, 12 next month, years old and she's had chronic pancreatitis since she was 6. She's been on morephine multiple times. We still don't know why.

Have them check your parathyroid

I have a cure for it! My doctor took my pancreas out and I am not a diabetic and I have no more pancreatitis. I have it since I was 2 until I was 15

Wow, I thought I was too young. I wish you the best and I hope that the attacks or few and far in between.

Look up the story I sent to rdefined. I know more then most about this illness. The first thing is no matter how much pain you think your husband is in when he gets a flair up it worse. You cannot imagine the pain. I have had natural childbirth, a root canal without any pain medication, and kidney stones. I would choose to have all 3 of them at the same time, then to go through another attack. After 5 years of sobriety I only have one question? How is his liver? So often doctors make the mistake of blaming a drinker for every medical problem that comes up. Its the shortest distance between 2 points. My X-husband is an Emergency Trauma physician.<br />
My boyfriend of 12 years is a specialist in Gastrointerology. I am a former medical librarian. So if you have any fears or questions, Please feel free to ask. Chronic pancreatitis is a long road to travel. How far has he traveled this road. Is he a diabetic yet? Is his pancreas calcified? I would really like to help you , It helps me.<br />
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Please write back and read the story I posted for rdefined.<br />
Incidentally, have you been out of the country or out west in the past few months, or year. The scorpion spider will also cause pancreatitis.<br />
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That it how mine had first shown up. And yes I did drink because no one told me it would further damage it. But; I did not drink before my first attack from 2 spiders. There are also certain toxins that can cause this. If your husbands liver is clean. He probably did not get it from drinking. It dosen't work that way. <br />
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Have to go <br />
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Please write back!<br />
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I have had chronic pancreatitis for 2 years now. 2 huge flair ups in the beginning ( lipases levels over 7400). I went in again for a4 th flair up right b4 new years 2012 and had a pseudo cyst burst near my liver resulting in vascular surgery to put in a coil. from there it went pretty much what could go wrong did. I finally got release from the hospital after 6 straight months and more than 30 lbs lighter. For months I couldn't get my weight over 95. I have hypothyroidism and the next November they removed mygall bladder to find it was completely full of , calcium gall stones, in fact my entire gall bladder was completely calcified. they . couldn't see any of this on their meds, cts, or eus procedures. what I'm wondering is about the calcified pancreas, how is it diagnosed, are symptoms different from a pancreatic attack. is that treatable it all? I can't believe so many people have been dealing with this for so long. it's only been 2 years for me and I just can't think I could possibly deal with this so indefinitely. please, if you have any info that could help our if you need any info( there's a lot more background I didn't want to bore you with)

sorry if I was interpreting, I just haven't had anyone who might be going through the same things, or that might be able to help. please write back if you can..
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my husband was just diagnosed w/chronic pancreatitis today and we are very unsure of what he will be facing in the future. he used to drink alot but has been sober for the last 5 years. pls help with any info possible

Another thing when I have flair ups I want to rip out my pancrease with my teeth.

Wow! You have a right to know all of your options. You may have a blocked pancreatic duct. Your too young for drinking as a cause. I have it as well. I am 48 yrs. old. I did not drink long enough to have caused pancreatitis. mine is chronic. I sought out the best doctors available. cromozone 7 is damaged, due to a genetics. Don't get scared. is some cases it is cancer. But the hospital would have found it out already. At your age sometimes the Pancrease will just swell up for no apparent reason. What does your MRI show? Mine as was told to me looks like shredded wheat. I only have 10% working or less. There is not a lot that I don't know about the pancrease. Be very careful if they decide to operate. There will be a whole new set of problems. And if you think the pain is bad now, wait until they operate. How are they able to diagnose "chronic pancreatitis at your age? Perhaps you are just going through an acute episode. Keep my name is you have any questions. My boyfriend is a gastoenterologist. If i don't know it I'll ask him. Please<br />
remember to put pressure on the areas that are the most painful. It helps.

I really feel for you... The first time I was actually diagnosed with pancreatitis was when I was 15, but I had symptoms of it long before that. I had my gal bladder removed a few months later. After 3 more years of Dr. Visits, surgeries hospitals stays and visits to the ER at least once a month I finally said enough was enough. The procedures just seemed to be making it worse. I went to my friend who is the CEO/Dr. of a company called "NutraNomics". Herbel suppliments. He did a blood test and gave me some organic pills to take and within weeks I was feeling better. <br />
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I haven't taken any in a few months and I am starting to see symptoms again/stress.

What kind of pills? I'm trying to go natural. I read aloe vera juice, Papaya juice, and grape seed extract work wonders!!!!