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Yesterday I had an MRI with contrast, this morning a 2 1/2 hour long endoscopic ultrasound. After the procedure I recovered and was discharged without speaking to the GI specialist. I didnt think anything of it and just figured we would see the doctor on Tues and get all the results then. I was a little stressed about that, but was going to cure it with some retail therapy tomorrow at the Mall of America. Well, about an hour ago I got a call from the doctor himself. He apologized profusely for not talking to me and explained that he was supposed to be paged when I woke up, but no one paged and before he knew it I was gone.
The EUS showed 5-9 changes in my pancreas, most of which occurred during that first attack in 2002. The many acute attacks I have had since then have caused some more damage, but no necrosis. He explained those changes, in conjunction with my symptoms and hyperlipidemia all give me a positive diagnosis with chronic pancreatitis. It was so refreshing to hear that. In 2007 I went to see a specialist in NY who implanted spinal cord stimulators for pain control. After looking at my records and meeting me for about 20 minutes he told me that the pain was most likely in my head and that I was too young and healthy to have chronic pancreatitis. It just shows you that just b/c you have MD next to your name it doesn't mean you are all knowing. Like my Dad likes to tell me, What do you call the student that graduates last in the class at medical school.....doctor.
The doctors here have many options for me to try, the first of which may be to just take out my gallbladder and see if that helps. I see the MD on Tuesday and we will go over my options then.
I suggest anyone who has the means to come here do it. For me, these last few days have been life changing. Knowing that I DO NOT have to live like this and that there ARE options for people like us is so amazing. Before, I thought this was going to be my life and I just had to deal. Now, I may actually be able to have a much better quality of life, and maybe, just maybe have that baby I have been dreaming about.
Thank you Jess for giving me the info for here!! I only pray you can get here one day and find some relief too!!!!
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Aloe vera juice and papaya real juice - 1/3 cup of each 3 times daily apparently helps heal pancreatis.<br />
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Good luck!

I wish it were that easy

Very cool! So glad you went there!