haven't been on in a while I was in the hospital since last Tuesday. only been out a day or so. I was given fluids and bed rest. It really didn't seem to help that much to be honest. Nonetheless that is how it went. So Not much of a story just an update.
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:( I hope you are feeling better! I have a lot of info from my trip- I can scan n email if you would like. <br />
<br />
Sending good vibes!

sure. :)

So sorry you had an attack again. You do cope well! I think after a while with this disease you just have to learn how to deal, you know? Well wishes to you and here's to hoping you feel better soon. :-)

what major op did you have?

i had the major op to try get rid of it, I am in the uk it worked for 7 months then the pain returned

I do cope with it well. I just think the time has come to where i am seriously looking into the surgery for tpict. Just to get it over with. No sense in dragging this out for long time when I don't really have to.

...Hi..You seemed to be coping..with this..I'm sorry you were in the hospital and you're still feeling bad..