I Have Pancreatitis

I had alot of stomoch touble when I was 15, no-one knew what it was eventually a scan detected a gall-stone, so I had my gaul bladder taken out.
I thought great, that's it gone, no more pain....boy was I wrong it was only the beginning.
I went back to see my specialist and after many tests it was diagnosed as chronic pancreatitis. And now 14 years since I felt the pain, I still get pains like once a week.
I had a major operation(pancreatic transondenal septoplasty spincterotomy) basically they widened the duct of the pancreatic duct, for this and thought it would have helped me for the rest of my life, but it only helped for 6 months, no pain for 6 months, i thought this was just great. It can either work or it doesn't, defo worth a try.
Now however I am pn 240mg of oxy contin twice daily, mega high doses, and its just increasing.
Any one else on high doses of pain relief?

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I just turned 42 this past April, Ive been fighting for almost four years now. My whipple was two years ago this August. Ive always had stomach problems, I was almost three months premature, not sure if that was the cause or not and i guess at this point ill never know. Ive never had an ephidural with the ERCP but they make sure im knocked completely out with anestesia, and morphine of course. im so sorry u have had so many problems and such discouragement, keep looking for the right doctor and fight if u can, u know what ur body needs!!!! and alot of these so called doctors r just guessing, u need one who will actually listen to u and ur needs!!!! Goodluck, and Im always here if u need to vent or just chat, Shannon

I have held of the nerve block for the same reason, I know myself there is nothing much more can be done at present, the pancreatic sphonterotomy, tranosdenal septoplasty operation was a one off, some it works for but at times it doesnt. Just wish mine worked for longer than 7-8 months. Before I was opened up to do that operation they tried to do it(WIDEN THE DUCT) via ERCP but it just caused scar tissue.<br />
May I add when I had the operation they were meant to give me an ephidural but forgot.....and due to my tolerence levproblems?el to opiet medications I was in alot of pain, family members say I wasjust shaking with the pain.<br />
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Shannon, how old are you? How long have you had problems?

I live in Jacksonville Florida and yes I suffer from Pancreatitis, the enzymes do not help me either except that I havent had as many attacks! I had the whipple surgery two years ago and a month beforehand they tried the nerve block, they ended up hitting my spleen and causing me to hemorage, I almost died. As of right now, im just taking it day by day as Im sure u can understand but agree with Jesscara. Im sure eventually when and if Im able they will want to do another sugery to take the rest of my pancreas, im just diagnosed as diabetic and my liver enzymes r going up so not sure what to do but I know if I have to have another major surgery I will not survive it!!! Thats not to say u shouldnt, I had alot of complications ( doctor errors as well as the disease) I do believe in the surgery aand know that even though it was hard, it saved my life. Goodluck to u and im here if u want to talk more, Shannon

hey shannon, I have tried the high doses of enzimes as i went to jan de vries but they made no difference, sometimes when I take to much enzimes that can lead to other problems, so i am on the 25000 dose tablets and take so many depending on what I am eating etc,<br />
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Diet makes no difference to the pain anyone, not in my case.<br />
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As for the addiction, I couldnt do without them, if I was to be taken off I would need to be weaned of them.<br />
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Are you a pancreatitis sufferer? Where are you from? I am in Livingston, Scotland.<br />
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They might try a nerve block, I will find out the next time I visit the pain clinic

Please be careful with the nerve blocks. I had celiac plexus blocks every six weeks for the last 7 years, after seeing a specialist in MN they told me the blocks have caused more damage. Just be careful. Research what they are going to do.

Are U on enzymes? Most doctors right now wont prescibe high doses of pain meds due to the so called risk and addiction. I am so sorry u are goingven with the threat to through this and can honestly feel what u are going through. Maybe u need to fiind another GI doctor that will actually try to treat ur problems instead of just babying the problem with drugs? Even with the threat the doctors and pharmacies are under there are still quacks out there, not to say U can be drug free, with CP thats absolutley not an option!!! But it sounds like U need another specialist. Goodluck and Im here if u need to talk, Shannon