Crazy Damn Doctors!

Hi everyone! Well my latest EUS went fine but one of the student doctors was a doctor I had about 8-9 months ago at a different hospital and while I was still drinking. I changed all my doctors since then because they were refusing me pain management. Anyway he must have said something to my NEW doctor because all of the sudden they are telling me they are going to take me off my pain meds. I am NOT addicted to my pain killers. I don't take them more often than prescribed! I'm not calling for more and more scripts! I am furious because I went all over CT to find the right doctor for me and this old STUDENT doctor that I had when I was an active alcoholic has just ruined the care that I spent all that time looking for. I could almost understand if I was still drinking but I have 100 days of sobriety under my belt now. I am so MAD! Why do these idiotic doctors keep thinking that we (my fellow CP sufferers) are faking all the pain and nausea? This is such a crappy disease and it is ony made worse by idiotic doctors who think they know more than we do about our own body and symptoms! I really hope I don't have to change doctors again. Sorry, I really needed to vent. Thanks for listening! Hope everyone is feeling ok.
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I have found that doctors, for the most part, are "dumber than barber hair" idiots with a "God" complex. The problem with doctors is that many are to stupid to know they are idiots, for example:<br />
<br />
What do they give panc patients? Opiates. Opiates are actually associated with acute pancreatitis. And when the medical community says "associated" that means causes. They act like everyone who doesn't have gallstones, yet has pancreatitis, is an alcoholic. They conveiently forget or don't know which is worse that the drugs they push (opiates, statins for cholesterol, diabetes drugs such as Byetta and metformin, antibiotics such as erythromycin and more) all CAUSE pancreatitis.<br />
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They seem to discount the fact that abdominal trauma, high blood fat levels, heredity, autoimmune disease, pancreas abnormalities (birth defects) such as pancreas divisum and diseases like pancreatic cancer ALL CAUSE pancreatitis. Plus ...<br />
<br />
They don't know how to stop and acute panc attack. 15 years after I discovered antioxidants help panc pain and actually will stop a panc attack some doctor in India finally figured it out. He says:<br />
<br />
"We are encouraged by our findings, as significant improvement was noted with antioxidants in respect to all the parameters of pain in this study. In addition, reduction in pain resulted in fewer man-days lost, thus providing functional employment gain to the patients. The findings should spur further research in this exciting area." - Pramod Kumar Garg, MD, DM, of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. You can read about the study here:<br />
<br />
I discovered in 1994 and had been using certain antioxidants for 15 years by the time the white coats caught up and figured it out too. The only difference is that the good doctor uses antioxidants like selenium which can be toxic in high doses, but, hey, that is normal for the medical community. If there is a way to do something in a non-toxic fashion they will find a way to do it so it becomes toxic.<br />
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Anyway ...<br />
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Sorry you are having problems with your doc. Personally I don't put much faith in docs where pancreatitis is concerned. I keep one for only one reason. I hate to puke. So I want my frickin' anti-emetics (compazine and phenergan) which means I have to have a doc write me a sc<x>ript. Other than that, they are about as useful as **** on a snake.

I think the really worrisome issue is that my doctor is the head of G.I. at the University of Connecticut! I mean how am I suppose to find a better doctor when I already have the head of the department?! My P.C.P. is a great guy and has said he'd give me a referal to a pain management center. I was just hoping that I could stick with one doctor for this. Overall I am lucky, I have pain but nothing I can't live with and the nausea is, but again not to bad. I have bad days where I feel generally ill but not like I hear some of you guys say you suffer from so I consider myself to be very lucky. Thanks everyone for replying to my posts. It helps to have someone in my corner! ~XOXOXO

I cant stand the judgement some people pass!! I didn't get CP from drinking, but that doesn't mean I deserve more or better treatment. That's just awful and as a medical professional (cardiac sonographer) I apologize that that ******* did so. You should be treated for your illness period end of story. If a 500 lb man comes in with kidney failure from having high blood pressure for so many years they treat him right? A smoker who has a heart attack? I just don't get the hypocrisy! I'm sorry, you're story gets me fired up. It's exactly why I got into healthcare (after first getting sick in 2002). I think it should be a requirement in school for anyone in the medical field to be an actual patient. That is the only way some people will gain some fricken empathy! <br />
I really hope you are able to find treatment and relief soon.

Jesscara, you crack me up!!! LOL I that was some good sound advice with an overtone of humor! I think that at my next visit, if he does give me any guff, I will do exactly as you suggested! Thaks so much for your support!

Miaboheme, my posting to you was going to be longer but Something was wrong on the screen and I couldn't see what I was typing. ANYWAY, as far as you not being addmitted for pain management, well they really don't do that to often. Check with your doctor to see if you can get a referal to a pain managment clinic. They can help but being on contant pain meds sucks to so becareful what you wish for! I'd love to chat more so if you'd like send me your e-mail and we an start chatting. That goes for anyone. If you need an ear to listen, give me a shout, I'm always around! :)

Doubleaaron, I have all kinds of evidence of CP from the cycts that they drained in the EUS to scarring to the 15 or more times I have had an attack. That's why my doctor was not apposed to giving me the medications to begin with. It was only after seeing this other student doctor, who 8 months ago didn't want me to have ANY pain meds, that his tune changed. Shame on him for causing me any problems or stress. Jesscara, if someone ever DOES invent that handy dandy little tool that causes the symptoms of CP to transfer to another please sout it loud and clear to all of us here because I'd bet that everyone of us on this site has run across a doctor or two who the would LOVE to share the syptoms with! LOL just the idea of being able to do that makes me smile! Thanks. :) MiaBoheme, It souds like you've had it rough up there. I thank you fo the offer but I think I'll stick it out down here. BTW I live in the Hartfrod area. That's abpout an hour away from New London. I really apriciate the moral support though. Thanks! :)

They do if when there is no real evidence of pancreatitis. If you just go in for pain and nausea that's what they automatically think. Once you find a good doctor that understand which for me luckily I have then when you go in with just pain they know better. I went through all that **** for years. It's a pain in the ***.

oh dear, i'm so sorry that you're being judged because of the alcoholism!! come on up here to Boston, start over completely. i had to leave "it" out in my story/history. i have a sphinctor of Oddi dysfunction, or atleast i am 99% certain of it. having my ERCP consult this coming tuesday. i have had my MRCP last month at Beth Israel (Boston), 2 EUS's in Worecester last month and i literally canNOT eat. even drinking water kills. my primary upped my dose of pain med from 5 mgs to 15 mg, i can't even believe that no hospital will admit me for pain management! i WAS admitted to St. Vincents in Worcester last month. i just went there the other night and they won't re-admit because they said i dont need a "workup". i was sobbing to my primary's nurse and they upped the dose, but it's not doing ANYgood. i am a "tee-totaler", that's what i tell people. otherwise you're doomed. i had to beg for this ERCP WITH manometry, the drs in Worcester dont think i need it, so i went back to my other GI. i am hoping he will take an aggressive stance toward my problem. all the Worcester docs were all agreeing that my MRCP was extremely "telling", meaning sphincter dysfunction, but changed their minds after both EUS's. i am sympathetic to your plight, believe me, i was born with a congenital UPJ obstruction, ie. kidney was f'd for 19 yrs went un-diagnosed! at 10 dr said, "take her to a shrink and give her an enema", ya, until i went septic and almost died at 19!. my pediatrician from late 60's to 70s is damn lucky he's already passed on because i now suffer chronic kidney pain and dysfuncion, so i would have sued. i also believe the treatment you receive has to due with what insurance you have. if you're on "welfare" insurance, i.e. medicaid, like me, things tend to move slower in terms of potential surgery. i strongly urge you to head to Boston. i don't know where you are in CT, my aunt/uncle/cousins in New London / Quaker Hill. my uncle Phil was a thoracic surgeon for 40 yrs at Lawrence & Memorial, he just passed away recently. if i hear back from you and you're interested in me giving you some names, i will then fwd you my email, so i can try to help you. in my situation, i feel the pain and when it turns severe then the nausea becomes bad. they give me Zofran IV, and even gave me some to bring home in pill form. then all of a sudden i got vertigo :O ive had it for a month, strange how it is mixed up in all this. it's getting better though. i will hold you in my prayers, i cannot believe how many of us there are! it is somewhat frightening that this disease seems to fly under the radar in the medical profession. i am glad i found this place. <br />
all my positive, good thoughts to you sweetie. love, Mia-Bohème