At Johns Hopkins

Im going thru the worst flare up, I had a stat referral to see s dr here but this flare up came out of nowhere .my husband rushed me to the er here and after waiting almost 7hrs to be treated, I FINALLY say a gi doctor and am getting admitted, hopefully I get an ercp out of this and some much needed answers, has anyone of u guys been here at Hopkins wt good results?
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 26, 2012

I'm mad thou cuz if I try eating n drinking I'll start throwing up n hurting more, I think they might hv already made up their minds about me not being sick or wanting drugs. I'm sad about it, if this admission doesn't add up to any actual diagnosis :( idk how to handle this anymore

They gave me pain meds for the first 8hrs, lost my records so now they hv been calling my other doctors that hv treated, untreated or accused me of being a druggie trying to get my records, I didn't wanted them to do that cuz I figured they would treat me differently and most likely not treat the horrible pain I hv. I barely got the first dose of dilaudid this afternoon when the medical attending doctor is already trying to push me to take meds, I hate when they do that cuz I'm here to get answers, I'm terrified of food, and he's pretty much rushing me to start orals, he said I'm not being treated for acute pancreatitis and they find no need to keep me npo