I was prescribed Lyrica 150-300ml for CP pain.... Anyone has tried this successfully?my military docs and the local er won't treat me, unless I drive 2.5hrs to johns Hopkins I'm pretty much I'm hoping good results wt tgis
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My doc put me on Lyrica, but it didn't come close to touching the pain of CP. It did, however, help with the neuropathy in my right leg. My guess is my doc just wanted to see if Lyrica had ANY effect on anything. But as far as CP goes, it's a waste of time and money (for me).

I've had 3 nerve blocks at the Univ of Wash the last one actually brought on a pancreatitis attack. The lyrica i take daily helps with my nerve pain in my arms and legs but won't touch my abdominal pain. One thing i have noticed is that if i forget to take my pancreatic enzymes before i eat my stomach swells like i'm 9 months pregnant! I've been told that stress will bring on an attack i've experienced that as well, but i'm wondering if even good stress can do the same. I recently went with my very large, very loud family on a vacation to the ocean. I was feeling stressed about what to bring, what not to forget and then it seems that just being around them we all seem to fall back into our child like behavior like my younger sister trying to get attention and my older sister doing stupid stuff like eating fried, greasy food and drinking alcohol even though she's a diabetic with pancreatitis like me. I'm in the middle so therefor i'm the peacekeeper. Two days after getting home i'm in the ICU and my reckless big sister is back at work 10 lbs heavier but that's it makes no sense to me at all!!!

I take lyrica for diabetic neuropothy it has only 2 uses diabetic neuropothy and fibromylasia why theyre giving it to you for cp is ridiculous.

I'm at hospital right now, pain has been horrible since I got out the hosp last, at least at Hopkins they dont treat me as a druggie, I take Creon 48,000units 3xday and 24,000 wt snacks but I'm bad at taking meds and tend to forget till I'm doubled over in pain, luckily the dilaudid Iv and phenergham n fluids I'm a lil better till meds leave my system n I'm in pain again, I've gotten 2 doses of dilaudid in 2 hrs which took sooooo much of the pain away, I'm scared to ask for meds but luckily the nurse brought it out on her own, the lyrics did nothing for me last night, I kinda thought since its controlled it might b strong or something, but nope... I think this flare up was my fault for eating pepperoni pizza last night :( I was craving it so bad and thou my hubby is very careful wt what I eat I convinced him(he's always right anyway)