Ercp Induced Pancreatitis

It all started while at work ,I was bent over double in pain ,so off to the ER I went (Drove myself).Dr said it was my Gallbladder. So had it taken out (oh after another trip to the ER for severe Pain).Came home that evening after having gallbladder taken out in severe pain,pain ball attached to my stomach and a ab binder wrapped around my stomach.Well after about 3 days started feeling a little better,still felt sick to my stomach.Then about 2 weeks later got really sick again and went back to ER. Dr said my liver enzymes were elevated and suggested I see a GI ,because there might be a blockage. Dr ordered a ERCP to be done 1 week later. Had the ERCp done that evening and went home feeling fine ,then 2 hours later I has bent over unable to move in the worst pain I have ever felt.My sister called 911 and off to the ER again. Doctors there did a Ct and Found that my small intestines had been nicked and I had pancreatitis so they transported me to UVA. I spent 10 days there ,8 with nothing to eat or drink.Finally they said I was well enough to go home. Then a week later back to the ER sick again still hurting ,very tired and sick to my stomach.They put me on Creon.Well that hasn't help I've had to go back to the ER again! And this time they say no pancreatitis ,but i'm still having pain under my left rib and still tired and sick to my stomach. So this time they say it's stomach spasems. Still having the same symptoms!!! So after 5 trips to ER I'm still not recoverd and don't know whats wrong with me.
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I am so sorry to hear about your continued pain and problems. I think the GI specialist is your best bet. If they can't help with figuring more out about what is going on, perhaps its time for a second opinion.

Ur pancreas could possible be scarred from the acute attack, are u taking the creon before meals? Enzymes are very effective in helping wt digestion... Make sure u make diet changes, life changes, such as not smoking or drinking... It's about preventing future attacks, cuz once u hv 1 u might hv many more and
Permanent damage..GL