I started having pancreatitis a few years ago which turned into chronic pancreatitis. I have been through the hospital stuff many times. My last time was a 10 day stay, and they told me I have a splenic vein thrombosis as well as a stone in my pancreatic duct. They put me on coumadin and my INR continues to be high. I can't get the stone taken care of until I get rid of the thrombosis. Also, I will have to travel 6 hours to have the surgery. On top of that my TSH was through the roof. Hopefully, that is under control now. I have lost some weight and wasn't heavy to begin with. I am still in pain as most of you probably are. All they give me is hydrocodone which works but I don't want to become addicted to it. My doctor said something about a risotomy (sp). I know it is a kind of nerve block, but wondered if any of you have had it and if it worked.
Thanks and God Bless.
texasfriend texasfriend
Nov 27, 2012