Back At The Er Once Again

Hi everyone. I have never been sick a day in my life. Just the usual colds. On February 1st of this year I fell and got a concussion. That resulted in several er visits as I was vomiting constantly. Two weeks after they diagnosed me with acute pancreatitis. I wound up having several attacks and now just a month ago I was diagnosed with cp. On top of all that I caught c diff from being hospitalized. I was just here at the hospital a month ago and I am back again today. I feel like my life is not my own anymore. I'm always in constant pain. I can't eat anything without being worried about another attack. I am following the low fat diet. Don't drink. Don't smoke. I'm only 32. This year has been a complete nightmare. I'm glad to read others stories. At least I know I am not alone.
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I am saddened that you were in the hospital. I suggest that you drink a can of tomato juice (for example V-8) and that works for my son. He ate a piece of turkey that was doused with wine and the next day he woke up with pain that consisted with the pain he gets when his pancreas is inflamed. So I immediately gave him 2 can's of tomato juice and his pain went away. The last time he was admitted to the hospital was back in January 2012. Thank God he has not returned. He sometimes cheats and eats a burger once in a while but I make sure he drinks a can of tomato juice once every other day. It is working for him. Please try it and hopefully it works for you. God Bless You and try to stay away from the wine. I will pray for you.

I have been doing the tomato juice (V-8) since my last stint in the hospital 3 weeks ago. I was scared to drink it at first because I did not know if the acid in it would affect me. Before CP started for me back in 2012 I would drink V-8 all the time. Love the stuff. But after I started having attacks and reading about what you can and can't eat I was nervous. Some of the websites said to stay away from tomatoes and sauce, etc. However, I have been drinking a glass of V-8 every morning for the past 3 weeks and I have to say I haven't had any pain or discomfort or anything. I feel "normal" again. And staying away from the wine is easy. In the beginning I didn't take the diagnosis seriously. I never heard of pancreatitis before. I felt like I was invincible and nothing could hurt me. I have learned my lesson the hard and painful way. It is not worth it. I'm optimistic that things will only get better. My husband and I want to try to have kids so I have to make sure I am healthy enough to do that.

Out of curiosity, how were they so quick to diagnose you with CP? I've had 5 major episodes but no doctor has said yet "This is chronic."

I had fallen at the park and got a concussion. In the two weeks that followed I wound up in the ER four times because of non stop vomiting. They said it was because of the concussion. After the fourth visit they did blood work and saw my lipase numbers were extremely high and I had pancreatitis. I was in the hospital for a week. February 16th of 2012 was when they figured it out. Since then I have had numerous attacks and have been in the hospital about 25 times. My last attack was right before Christmas. It's been very frustrating.

I hate to hear your situation. I unluckily know exactly what you are going through. I am 33 and I don't feel like I have had my life for the almost 7 years I have had pancreatitis. It's a huge pain. I am sick pretty much everyday. I still eat on my own as of now, but I have had my gi doc mention a feeding tube. The only thing I can say is its not easy, but you will have to be persistent in the health care you receive. I have had major problems with getting help and may be the reason this disease is such a big pain in the butt.

I know what you are going through. My son has not had an episode since January of this year and he just had some blood drawn. He is 100% healthier. Even though, he will suffer with this illness, I have him on a low fat diet. And I let the doctor know that we have him drinking a can of tomato juice every other day. To my suprise, it has worked and his Amylase levels should be 70-200 UL and he is at 80 UL. He does eat a hamburger and pizza once in a while but when he does, he drinks 2 cans of tomato juice. I hope this helps. It is helping my son. Try it!

Hi. Sorry for the late response. I just wanted to tell you I have been drinking V8 juice every morning. I have noticed a difference. Thanks for the great advice.

Several yrs ago I was diagnosed w/ symptomatic chronic pancreatitis, so 4 how u feel & what u'r going thru: been there done that! Difference between u & I is that I brought mine upon myself from drinking but do know that u'r not alone & I'm here 4 u!

did you quit drinking?May I ask

I did. But I do have wine once in a while. I know you aren't supposed to but I figure no matter what I do or don't do I'm gonna get sick again so screw it. It's really annoying though. I feel sick every day pretty much. And this past week I have had constant heartburn. I take creon before every meal. I'm eating a low fat diet. Since November I've lost 15 pounds. The only benefit. Lol. My husband is always worried that I have to go to the hospital. I'm fortunate to have great insurance (for now if Obamacare doesn't screw it up). Great doctors. I know pretty much everyone at the hospital. I always tell the docs and nurses I come there for the heated blankets.
I am concerned a lot more now though because my hubby and I want to try to have a baby. I'm worried how that is going to affect my health. I have an appointment next month to see what might happen. I am also having a procedure in two weeks to see how much damage has been done to my pancreas and if they are going to remove my gall bladder. Before this started I have never been in a hospital or had any health issues. It's been a long and tough year.