I've been having more severe pancreatic attacks and seriously considering the Whipple procedure. Please tell me about your experience. What should I know about the Whipple procedure? Having completed the procedure, would you have made the same decision given what you know now? Does your quality of life improve? Thanks
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what is whipple procedure

I will be 49 next week and have suffered from chronic pancreatitis since I was first diagnosed with it at age 15. I had exploratory surgery at 16 where they found a duct was blocked and my digestive enzymes were not able to flow to where they were suppose to. I was prescribed enzyme pills (Pancrease/Creon) and still take them today. The surgery seemed to improve the frequency of my attacks. Though I still suffered acute attacks. Eventually at age of 25 I had the Whipple procedure. This was after a visit to the Mayo clinic where they wanted to remove my pancreas. I chose to go with the Whipple instead. After the Whipple procedure my attacks were very seldom and I was able to control the pain at home with prescription opiates. I was borderline dialectic for 10 years after the surgery and unfortunately was diagnosed with Diabetes a few years ago. I still take opiates to control the pain but haven't had an acute attack in over 15 years. I work full time and always have. The main thing I do as far as diet is concerned is no alcohol and no caffeine. I am thin and can't gain weight but at least I don't lose weight anymore. I am 6'2 and have weighed 140 - 145 for the last 25 years.