I Am a Newby

I just got married in September 2008, and turned 22 in October, sick as a dog, and was sleeping on the floor with a space heater at my back, my pancreatic enzymes were crazy high and i had my gall bladder removed to see if that was causing it, and it wasnt, i was diagnosed with cp then, I am new at this and am still trying to find out about all of this, i take enzymes which keep it where im not sleeping on the floor but i still have discomfort everyday, usually after eating anything, i am taking pain medicine that helps but im afraid that my doctor and family will think im abusing it, because i dont have a specialist around that deals with this type of disease,  i need another way of feeling better, I have to admit some of these stories scare me for what might be in my future as far as what this leads to, but some of your stories are inspirational and i hope i can live with this with my head high

morgie05 morgie05
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

I am there with you dear. I will write my story for you, although it may not be totally what you want to see. I hope you feel better.