Due to Alcoholism...

Due to alcoholism, I have developed cronic pancreatits.  I will update my story ASAP as I have to head out to work.  Please sing up.
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due to alcoholism I have also acquired CP. I was diagnosed in November 2013 and since I've had ultrasounds, cat scans, and an endoscopy with a biopsy. I've been hospitalized once for 3-4 days in Feb. because I was in a lot of pain and I couldn't keep even water down. I felt better for about a week or so and now the pain is back. I am not used to having to have an almost fat free diet or eating small meals. I love food and buffets and now I can't have anything really. I've gone several days with barely eating anything to try and get the pain to subside. I have Percocet temporarily yet it seems like I'm taking them constantly to ease the pain, and it's almost like they're not working. I've only had them for about 2 weeks. So since January I've been taking the following Rx's Omeprazole, Amitriptyline, Pancreas along with 2tylenol ever 6hrs until I got the Percocet. That apparently wasn't helping so Im lost and not sure what to do, this is not physically or mentally easy for me it's like having to learn to live all over again as someone else.

I have not been diagnosed yet but I have all of the symptoms of chronic except for nausea, diarrhea, fever, etc....all I have are upper abdominal pain after I drink and the flatulence. My amylase was 52 (normal) and my lipase was 105 (mildly elevated). My doctor wants to re-test me in 3 months. I am ashamed and scared to tell my doctor how much I really have been drinking. I know I need to fess up and tell her I need to be tested for it (CT scan etc..) I just don't want my life to change *if* this is what I really have. I get offended when people say " you just need to quit drinking". What people don't realize is that drinking is a social way of life. How I wished I would have just drank in moderation and not binged. I now look towards a life of not being able to enjoy wine tastings and worrying that my relationship with my boyfriend will deteriorate because it's a social structure that we both enjoy. I'm sorry folks just feeling really depressed right now.

I just broke up with my boyfriend today, a 65 year old man with chronic pancreatitis. He told me he had two or three white spots on his x-rays showing his pancreas was starting to calcify (pancreatitis) and claimed that his DOCTOR told him it was OKAY for him to continue to drink a small amount daily. EVERY day he would fill a Folgers coffee jar with a mixture of vodka, cranberry juice and Sunny D, twice.....and he claimed his DOCTOR told him that was okay. He would be in the bathroom almost every day having issues....of one kind or another, no matter what he ate. He fired his gastroenterologist and is now off on a quest to prove he has SIBO, ignoring his alcoholism.

I was diagnosed over 30 years ago. At that time it was a nightmare to even locate a physician that new what Panc was let alone how to treat it. Luckily I found one, great doctor. After getting diagnosed I figured out how to become pain free. My panc was caused either from a football injury or Celiac Disease (I found out last year I'm a Celiac) but since the symptoms first started after being hurt playing football I would be most likely to bet on trauma as the cause. But drinking after being diagnosed with Pancreatitis is not very smart and will shorten your life expectancy to nothing. All it takes is ONE Acute Pancreatitis episode that leads to necrotizing pancraetitis (basically gangrene), internal bleeding, shock and/or organ failure and you'll be plant fertalizer. Ask yourself whether you wish to live or die. If you want to live quit drinking. If you wish to die hit the bottle. Me? I do what it takes to survive and live pain free. I wish you the best and hope you make the right choice.

The doctors do seem to assume everyone with CP are alchoholics, but if you read info on the Internet, they eally can't explain alot. I did drink in my time, but also had gallstones and smoked. Smoking is turning out to be a bigger independent factor than once thought. I was just diagnosed a few monthes ago. At that point I was still smoking. It is interesting that they check you out, and say "No more drinking or smoking "(and many othr things, we know), Yet who has had a doc ask them if they need help quitting drinking or smoking?<br />
One fact I have seen a few times is that approximately 80% of CP patients have been drinkers, not necessarily alchoholic, yet only 20% of alchoholics develop CP. <br />
And what seems worse of all is every case is different. Really different. For instance I have no pain<br />
now, and had 6 acute attacks over 20 yrs. No doc ever said any more than "Gastritis". So, even though things were quiet for 3-4 yrs for me and I did have gallbladder out a year ago, one year later I suddenly feel sick, lose 25 ibs and have advanced CP and a huge cancer scare. Like no warning, and as is usually the case, not at all on the docs radar. I guess a really hard part of this is that it is all totally unpredictable. And medicine is struggling to figure it out. So we are scared and in pain, and mostly can find understanding with other CP patients. Although me turning up at Easter weighing 95 ibs said alot to my friends and family.<br />
But I don't have anything to say to you all, except I'm sorry for your struggles. I do wish you well! But....

It certainly does get worse... I am a 32 year old female. I was initially diagnosed with acute attacks when I was 28. It eventually turned in to chronic because I continued to drink. I am admitted to the hospital approximately 6 times a year. <br />
<br />
It is excruitiatingly painful. I am having an attack as we speak but I just got out of the hospital, after a 5 day stint, at the beginning of the month and I do not want to go back. I can not stand lying in a bed for five days, held prisoner to the IV and not being allowed to eat. I also dislike opiate pain medicine because of the side-effects, so I just suffer through it. My doctor gives me a nausea medication to counter-act the heavy painkillers and those two combined make me so intensely drowsy that I am not able to function. I take Creon with food, try to eat healthy and do what I am supposed to but it always comes back.

Hi, I am with you I have the same thing happen to me every 4 months or so. My chronic pancreatic is due to pancreatic divisum and stenting done to help correct that but made things worse by causing the chronic pancreatic. I hate the narcotics as well and the 5 day hospital stays. Let me know if you find any treatment that helps you. As I will do the same. God bless and feel free to holler at me anytime.

hey<br />
i was a drinker for 20+yrs and no i have Chronic Pancreatitis was diagnosed 5yrs ago, had i not have quit drinking i would be very dead.<br />
At first i carried on drinking after i found out, in one years i was admitted to hospital 17 times.<br />
For anyone out there with this condition who is still drinking take it from me it only gets worse and i mean a lot worse.<br />
I still have to take strong pain meds every day just to be able to move around, after 6yrs am finally able to start living again all be it in constant pain lol.

can yall give me more information on this? im trying to get someone close to me to stop drinking and i cant seem to find a good enough reason for him to stop...im really worried.

Chronic Pancreatitis is not fun, I was diagnosed with it 4 years ago. You can only manage it! Either a):"badly" by continuing to drink, or b):"well" by changing your life completely. If you chose a) I give you less than 7 more years on the planet. How sobering is that?

hey as has been with pancreatitis???