My Back

Let Me start by saying I have 2 chrushed vertibrae L1L2 w/70% reduction in height, severe DDD on 14 levels, Disc vacuum, Severe Spinal Stenosis in thorasic and Lumbar regions, Sciatica, Osteopenia, Arthritis, Failed Back Surgery, and Bone spurs. So I can relate. I have been in constant pain since 1996.
I have to regulate my activities, never doing too much at one time, then resting, 15- 20 minutes to 1 hour of rest. Up to a point after a couple of activiteis periods I am done for the day, and there isn't anything medication wise or rest that will help.It all come down to moderation, and to know when to stop for your own good. I don't like the pain meds I HAVE to take just to make it through the day, and not be bed ridden. I have been known to over do it and there isn't anything or any med that will help in that case. Mine feels like some little guy with a blow torch is trying to burn his way out of my back constantly, and progress' to a 30-40white hot spears burning and pearcing through.
Like I said before I don't like meds and I take as little as I can just to make it through the day.It for me is a trade off, take a little medication or be bedridden, no choice there!
I can no longer lift, push, pull, anything. I can't sit, stand, walk or do much of anything for more than 30 minutes. But I know that and I just do everything anourd that fact.
I am now on disability forever but I am still able do most of things I did before, I just take longer to do so.I can whole heartingly agree that surgery is the last resort. The statistics show that within 5 years anyone who has a back surgery will have a second one. As I had my back surgery in 2004, I have not had another. My Neurosurgeon and my Spine Specialist Orthopedicsurgeon has told me nothing will help and don't go under the knife.

If I have learned anything from all this it is this: Stay ahead of your pain, rest before the pain is too bad. Stay ahead of the pain as in taking your meds before you need them if you know you are going to go out and work at something take some meds. And stay ahead of your pain by knowing what you can and can't do, don't do the things that agravate the pain past the point of no return.
If I could take away yours or anyother persons back pain I would take on more so no one would ever have to live like this. I would never want to see another person dealing with this ever again. Please take care of yourself you only get one back and they really can't fix it if it is screwed up.


lingerieme lingerieme
51-55, M
Jan 13, 2013