My Newest Remedy Hope: Vacuum Cleaner & Hydrogen Peroxide

I’m having it since 2007, and tried to cure it with antibiotics (local and oral), natty pot, sea water sprays, oily drops, cortisone and corticosteroids, c vitamin, anti allergy pills, honey, propolis, different inhalations with tea and herbs, essential oils, colloidal silver, became vegetarian, gave up on soda drinks, stopped eating cheese and white flour products, 0 alcohol, all this without positive results. All my sinuses were full with fungus and infection which was coming out due to the inside pressure. All the symptoms of a bad sinusitis such as infection, polyps, asthma, fatigue, headaches, were there. The infection was keeping the polyps inflamed and the stuff that was draining in the lungs, while sleeping on the back, was generating the allergy and asthma. Also had frequent ears infection, which diminished gradually my hearing, and could not sense smell. To keep breathing through my nose I had to use the corticosteroid Biorinil spray about ten times per day, which is recommended to be used only once per day for maximum a week, this with very bad impact on my immune system. After reading hundreds of medical opinions and forums, I thought that if eliminating one or maybe two elements from the self maintaining system of sinusitis, the equilibrium will brake and healing will occur. The goal was to find methods for cleaning the sinuses (not just by blowing the nose), reduce the dimension of polyps and kill the viral and fungal infection. How to do that? Natty Pot does not wash out the fungus which usually is larger than the passage between the sinus and nose and even if for short periods of time it seems to be healing, the infection returns as the fungus inside sinuses will regenerate the infection again and again. Even the surgery will not be able to remove all the little pieces of fungus in some cases. The antibiotics are killing only bacterial infections, not viral, and colloidal silver is too weak.
Now, after only a month, I feel much better from the DANGEROUS EXPERIMENT which I will describe bellow! The smell sense is back, I’m only using twice a day the nose spray Biorinil and don’t even blow the nose for hours.
1. Once / day after spraying the Biorinil to reduce the polyps, I suck my nose with the vacuum cleaner.
2. With the help of the nebulizer I circulate hydrogen peroxide fog from one nostril to the other.

Step 1: How I vacuum the nose.
The most dangerous effect from vacuuming the nose is to suck and brake my eardrums! Less dangerous is that I can catch cold in the throttle if the air in the room is cold, or infect nose if touching the nose with the hose handle which has microbes on it.
- I make sure the little adjustable hole on the hose handle is completely open for preventing accidental eardrums braking
- I am forming a ring with the hand and put it between the hose handle and the nostril
- I suck one nostril at a time, never both together
- I never seal completely the nose with the hand, I let the air come with speed between the nostril and hand, to create vacuum and air circulation at the same time in front of the nostril, imitating the functioning principle of a paint sprayer.
- I keep the face oriented to down during the process and I extend and contract the entire face like chewing between the inferior jaw and eyebrows. Moving like this, the passages between sinuses and nostrils will allow more stuff to come out.
- Very often some blood comes out of the nostrils, but in my case it never ended up with hemorrhage, the coming out stuff scratches the polyps, fungus pieces are hard.
- When job is done, I wash well only with water, not using soap (it may generate heat and cause burns in reaction with the hydrogen peroxide)
- When I’m at home, when need to blow the nose, I use the vacuum cleaner without to exaggerate.
- I have made a separate textile bag for the vacuum cleaner, which I wash very often, a vacuum cleaner with plastic recipient would have been more practical.
Step2: How I fog my nose
Hydrogen peroxide seems to be the only tolerated virus and fungus killer if it is diluted to a non burning concentration. I have not found yet a source of pure hydrogen peroxide, as the one that can be bought in the drugstores contains stabilizers which are not proper for internal use, and another nasty ingredient is the phosphoric acid. Even thaw it is not pure, I took my chances to use it as it is and the results are amazing.
- I put in the nebulizer the 3% hydrogen peroxide as it is
- I do not use the mask because it should not be inhaled in this concentration as it may release oxygen bubbles in the blood system, I use just the hose
- I use the hose with a little tube at the end, which fits in my nostrils
- I hold my breath, close my eyes (or avoid fog to come in the eyes) and let circulate the fog from one nostril to the other, doing the same chewing move with the entire face, for about 30 seconds.
- I remove the hose from the nostril, exhale, get back to normal breathing and then repeat the operation in the other nostril for other 30 seconds.
- In about 10 – 15 minutes of doing this, I can feel the sinuses irritated, which means that enough hydrogen peroxide has come inside and it’s time to stop.
- Before using the nebulizer I have used a sprayer of 15ml in which I diluted the 3% hydrogen peroxide in a proportion of 1/10 with distilled water, but it was not that efficient.

Now I realize that without vacuuming the nose, no medicine with local action could enter inside sinuses to do its job.
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Ok. I've had the sinus stuff for forever now and it's really effecting my daily life. I'm miserable. I don't even remember what feeling good feels like & i'm at my wits end. I googled "vacuum cleaner on sinuses" & this is the only thing i can find close to what i'm looking for. How dangerous is this? I'm desperate.

I’m sorry for your suffering, been there. The vacuum cleaner was effective in the beginning, extracting the big pieces. Using it is dangerous because you can damage the eardrums. The hose should never be completely sealed on the nose and during the process the mouth should stay open. My mistake was to use to often the hydrogen peroxide which kills the infection but due to the geometry of the inflamed sinuses, can never reach the bottom of the infection. At the same time hydrogen peroxide irritates and blocks the passages that should be compensated after, with nose drops, operation which is never completely reversible. As a conclusion, the vacuum cleaner is a great tool for this purpose, when used with substances that calm the area. If you decide to use it, it is crucial to keep the orifice on the hose open; this will keep the vacuum pressure in a supportable range even if by mistake you seal the tube on the nostril. You will feel how far you can go when using it.

I have had chronic sinusitis and ear issues since about June 2011. I’ve had two surgeries with minor improvement but I am still not where I’d like to be.

I am creating an advocacy group which will work towards better diagnosis, treatment, research and hopefully a cure. There are advocacy groups for a number of diseases which affect many fewer people than those affected with chronic sinusitis.

I’ve found sinusitis to be so much more debilitating than I ever would have imagined. I’m new to creating an advocacy group (different than a support group). My goal is to create a group, set-up a leadership group akin to a board of directors and begin advocating towards a real cure.

If you’re interested please contact me.

After the big piece was displaced, it hurt bad for about a week, in which period some dark blood came out (not purple red as before). During that week I stopped vacuuming because of the pain, but I continued fogging with hydrogen peroxide every two days and twice I fogged with dexamethasone to reduce inflammation. It looks like a part of the inside wound unveiled. In about ten days the pain disappeared but now a very sticky dark bloody stuff is coming out rarely, in small pieces. It looks like the bio-membrane broke and this is the contained stuff. As it is very sticky, (like shoes glue) for lubrication I’m using oily drops before vacuuming, but it seems to be a slow process. From the left maxillary sinus the thing came out compact, completely dressed in a membrane, but on the right side I can feel the membrane attached to the tissue, covering the wound. When vacuuming, the sinus behaves like a bag, the walls are getting together and the content is sucked out. For this right maxillary sinus, seems like I will have to remove layer after layer until I will reach the bottom of it. I will keep you updated in the coming months. At least the other three sinuses are fine, they seem to drain well now and the polyps decreased on the left side. Just before posting, I realized that the hydrogen peroxide reduced its effect because of the oily drops which covered the crap with a protection layer, I will stop using them.

I got lazy for about three days and the some yellow stuff showed up again and I believe it formed around a piece that couldn’t come out because of its dimensions, this happening in the right maxillary sinus. Since I’ve started the experiment I could feel relief in each sinus after a while, except for the right maxillary sinus. Every time I was vacuuming the nose, a big hard piece was blocking the orifice, behaving like a valve, keeping stuff behind it inside the sinus. This evening it came out and I’m happy! As I have learned from the cleaning of the other sinuses, some more stuff is going to come out in the following days, and hope the other pieces will fit through the orifice. I believe that without the hydrogen peroxide fog, that slowly fractured this piece in smaller pieces, it couldn’t come out.
Before starting the “treatment” I have made a little test by pouring hydrogen peroxide on the stuff coming out from my nose and I was amazed how quick it was disintegrated.

hmm, the nose vacuuming sounds pretty interesting and a bit dangerous too. It probably would be suitable for people who can follow exact instructions.... Great article and thank you for sharing.