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i contracted a yeast infection a couple months ago and it wont go away.monostat and fluconazole didnt work. i thought it might be candida overgrowth because it is sensitive to what i eat, but my gyno said she didnt find alot of yeast in the swab. so i dunno what to do.

im writing quickly but this is a serious problem. i mean i really dont know what to do about it.
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But, in the first place, are you sure that it is yeast infection. Have you been diagnosed with yeast infection before by doctor?

Sorry to hear about that. i hope this link will help you http://beautyfitnessnutrition.com/four-common-yeast-infection-home-remedies/

Start taking a Probiotic. I take Accuflora twice a day. Once in the morning and another at night. I buy it at wal-mart.