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When i was first confirmed with Chrons, it sounded like unreal, strange, i felt like it was not right. But i follow my doctor's advise and one year later, which is last November my inflammations were 95% gone, i gained weight and almost live like normal people. I hv been taking Pentasa, Azathioprine and Coli foam for one year.
I will have colonoscopy again in 6 months and if the result is good, doctor will reduce my meds. I hope i can maintain this as long as I can, as Im fully aware that inflammation can go back anytime.
I am Asian, when I first suspected with Chrons I didnt take it seriously as I heard Chrons mostly happen to Caucasian. I have Caucasian blood but its far already. I read many from this groups and notice some of them are still struggling from the pain. I hope I could do something, if someone needs information or just wants to share things, then just drop me message at
I will try my best to help because I know how it feels to have This disease for the entire life with you
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I am a new member on here and as an ethnic minority asian my dad has chrons disease we knew nothing about this condition as he got diagnosed 3 years ago and at the moment it is getting worse. I would like to know as i read there is no cure for chrons disease and as you stated 95% of your inflammation has gone that is very good news but my dad is on 3 azathioprine a day and has weekly bloods to monitor his blood levels as the steroid can cause serious side affects, we had an appointment with the surgeon as he will be needing the re section surgery some point this year, we do not know much about the operation besides the surgeon saying it is a life threatening big op. In terms of keeping inflammation normal did you change your diet as we have been to see a dietician and gave us alot of advice. I have been reading about this chrons disease condition and it is quite sad how serious it is.

Hello roxy02, i am really sorry to hear about your dad. does his doctor give other med beside steroids and azathioprine? they both work for me so im surprised when i read your story, but maybe different people different condition. i dont have strict diet as my doctor lets me eat anything i want, as long as when i eat something and it goes wrong with my stomach then i should avoid. so it depends on everyone's condition again. i cannot drink liquid milk, too much cheesy foods but this is because im lactose intolerance. i heard smoking can raise the chrons to come up again like 3x higher so i dont smoke, i also avoid caffeine like coffee and tea as my stomach is sensitive with them. i also avoid eating too many sushi rice. where does your father live? if you want to i can give my doctor contact to get another opinion.
hope he gets well soon

Hi ava. My dad is in his early 60s and we are from the UK. The only medication for his chrons is azatihioprine and he has other coditions such as osteo arthiritis, blood pressure, has had a heart bypass op 5 years ago so his on quite a few tablets for his other symptoms but the chrons he has had for 3 years but the tabs are not helping and making worse hence why we had an appointment to discuss re section surgery, as with chrons at some point all need to have the re section surgery. We are not sure of this re section surgery and if anyone has had it done and what the complications are.