I Am Denise Have Churge Straus

hi im 15 and have css i not good on dates so i may be wrong but i will try to find out the dates k. when i was about 4 years old every year i would get a cold. then after 2 years i had a cold for the whole year the dr. just said i had i sinus infection so when i was 7 or 8 i had surgery i got better but it didnt go away it just got bigger i got asthma and ear infections 2. 2 years later i had the same surgery and they put little like tubes in there that it was suppose to help. the next year they told me they wanted to find out what i had so i went to the hospital they said it would only be for about 5 days but it was 18 haha i cant beleive i still remember they had to take blood out like 4 times every day when i was there when i was there for about 11 days they said they had an idea of what i had but there wanted to make sure. so i had surgery the next day they said they needed a little like scrap of my lungs so when i woke up i felt like if some one litterly shot me on the left side of my upper lung.i cryed a lot i could not move if i did the pain would make me cry for hours.the next day they told me i had css but i had to stay to recover from my lung on the 18th day when i left my lung still hurt it was very tough that year i had to repet the 6th grade. as i thought it would get better it didnt really on october 29th i had the worst asthma attack i ever had my mom cryed and i went to the emergency room by car my mom called 911 on the car and told them to be ready for me. when i arived the dr.s were there and ready they gave me some med.s like an inhaler but its a muchine called a nebulizer they gave me many meds. but none helped i just got worse so the dr. told my mom he didnt think i would make it i told the nurse i wanted them to give me that stuff that makes you fall asleep like when you have surgery because i was to tired and could not die like that they did when i started to fall asleep i told my mom to pray and she did when i thought idied and reached  the next paradise( im a jovovas witness) when i saw that i was alive i saw and felt a tube down my throut i wanted to cry at first because i didnt want to suffer butthen i thought if god wants me to live i may have a purepose to live. i lost a lot of friends we say hi but we never hang out now they ignore me even my first friend that  was my best friend. I have tried to get in sports at first but my mom said my asthma was to bad for me to do them so i have the just tried toget good grades so that i can go to collage because i want to help animals and people so bad to make this world a better place.

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I'm 15 but was diagnosed when I was 14. It's good to see someone my age who has it instead of the common middle aged man. :)