Staying Positive With Cirrhosis

I posted living with alot of questions 7 months ago.Things were pretty bleak for me then.Just want everyone to know that things can improve with time and commitment.If you read my other story life was not good at all getting tapped every 4 weeks,sleepy,no energy and basically doing nothing.So what is new for me is that I have not drank alcohol for about a year,limiting salt intake which you know is very difficult at first but can be done and taking a water pill daily to control ascities.I have not been drained for 6 months and have a relitively flat belly [what a relief] I have been redecorating the house cutting grass and feeling more normal Boy I might be able to start part time work soon.Things can improve for people with cirrhosis with doing what is good for your liver and we should not give up believing that it can happen and that we can live a near normal life.Just keep a positive attitude even though it can be very diffacult at times.Positivly do not drink any booze at all.reduce sodium and limit fluid intake if you have ascities it all helps but it does take a long time for results.Follow your doctors instructions and things should improve over time.Believe me I almost died a year ago from this but now I feel really good.Keep a positive outlook no matter how hard that is to do and with disapline you should improve.Good luck to everyone with this terrible disease and dont forget to pray once in a while {I DO}
Let me know how you are doing and your present condition maybe I can can give some insight as when I was at a peticular point of illness.
Love to all,Living with alot of questions
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Thank you for your story. I gives me hope. My husband was just diagnosed. He's diabetic, he is not a heavy drinker. At the most he might have a beer socially now & then. He quit smoking 31 years ago. He gets blood work done every 3 to 6 months and liver function always came back normal. About a week ago he started complaining about bloating, abdominal pain and black stool. I had given him Peptol Bismol & thought it was normal. It was when he vomited twice some black stuff that I took him to ER. We were stunned when told of the diagnosis. At first I felt hopeless and looking at a bleak future. But now I'm ready to push and make sure my husband can move on and live a productive life. I've already started change in diet. Watching salt. Thank god I don't have to worry about the alcohol part. I would love input on how you and other people are managing their salt intake and diet. Thank you.

Hi, I am new to this site and also recently diagnosed with cirrhosis. I was wondering how you know if you need your belly drained.

With my husband his belly looked like he was 9 months pregnant. He felt bloated. You should go to the ER if you feel that you might have fluid build up. We were told that it can be fatal. The fluid can infect your stomach.

thanks for the encouraging words, i am beginning to have trouble with the fogginess and forgetfulness. i have been tapped twice in the past 6 months, but the sodium/water pill seems to be working for now, thanks again.

Your friend will make it as long as he does what the doctor says and does not drink alcohol. To many people get the F- its and ive seen friends die from this disease. were the lucky ones, we are still here and we can make it. If hes ammonia levels are high, that causes confusion and dizziness, low potassium causes all your muscles to become weak, and you just want to sleep, have that checked because he could go into a comma.

i have sick friend who is just starting to get help...ascites, cough tired increased ammonia and gpt.. havent got other tests done yet... i am lost and confused...egets sick on lactose but his health is bad.. i feel for erone on here....i am heartbroken for all.. i need support to help.. just really sad....i don't know how to help.. and i am tired of him refusing the truth... i dont want this to b real either..but maybe medical help cahelp