Recently Diagnosed With Cirrhosis.


I am a 50 year old Male who contracted Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion in 1986. I was considered a "carrier" until a blood panel in 2008 indicated my levels were high enough to start the Hepatitis treatments. After a very long 49 weeks of treatments, my new tests showed I beat the disease. I was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago with what I thought was Appendicitis. I had a lot of tests done including an MRI and an Ultrasound. These tests showed that I now have Cirrhosis of the liver. I have an appointment to see the Gastroenterologist this Friday, and he is sending me to Madison Hospitals and Clinics to get on the Liver transplant waiting list.

I started reading up as much as I could over the weekend on the nasty disease. I have a very supportive wife, but I try not to scare her much as she is also ill. She has Cystic Fibrosis and Fibromyalgia, so I try to keep her as calm as I can.

I am really scared over this thing! I think I just need a pen pal or a Forum that knows about Cirrhosis so I have someone to talk to and educate me in a more personal and human matter then just reading from books and the internet.

If anyone knows of some good Forums that I can join, please let me know.

Thank you for listening and also, thank you in advance for any help on this subject!


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Don, Set down for I have a story thats going to blow u out of the water !!!! you are getting ready 2 hear a story that is almost exactly like your own.<br />
My name is Don and I to have hep c that has moved into cirrhosis and 2 weeks ago I went to my Gastroenterologist 2 have approx. 10 viles of blood drawn.I had a sister who had cystic fibrosis.And in about 7 weeks I to will be 50 yrs. of age. Sounds like you doesnt it ?<br />
Please allow me 2 start with your wife. My sister was of course born with cystic fibrosis in 1964.I was young but understand a lot more about the disease than your average person.I give you all the respect in this world 4 keeping your disease as low key as possible. They have come a long way with cystic fibrosis since the sixties and seventys and from what I read people can live a good long life.I dont know your wifes name I will keep her and you as well in my prayers.Keep her happy for theres know doubt you love her and Im sure she loves you.I bless the 2 of you....<br />
Though I feel that Im right with the Lord Im afraid of leaving my family.I contracted this nasty disease from getting tattos while stationed in the Philippines from 1979 to 1980. My doctor done a byopsy and give me a time fr<x>ame where I contracted it and his time fr<x>ame put me in the Philippine Islands.V.A. tried 2 to blame everything but that.However blood from my discharge physical proved where I was at when I contracted hep c. Though I do blame myself I was 17 years old and turned 18 while stationed there I was only a child.I wish they would have caught that I had hep c maybe my young body would have taken the treatment a bit easier. <br />
Don, You are the only person Ive shared my story with.Therefore I THANK YOU 4 allowing me to do so.I by no means am computer literate but would enjoy going through this with someone as yourself for we have so much in common.<br />
I will pray that everything goes well for you and your wife.Hopefully everything goes well for the three of us.Looking forward 2 hearing from you..Lets all keep our chins up.<br />
<br />
p.s.<br />
MY wife who I love dearly will be only 52 halloween has had two heart attacks during her late forties.She is doing great at this present time. I keep her in my prayers for she is my only family.<br />
I wish she would be more understanding towards my depression than she is but then again how could she.

Hello Don.
It is very nice to hear from someone that I can relate to and understands exactly what I am going through! Thank you for sharing your story wiyh me. I feel like we have been blessed, to have been brought together like we have. Please feel free to come to me with anything you wish to share, or anytime you need to talk, and / or get something off your chest!
My wife's name is Cindy. Please keep us in your prayers as I you have been ours.