2012 Cirrhosis Found

In January 2012 i found out I have cirrhosis of the liver.First told it was fatty liver then alcoholic liver. My liver is not inflammed. I am tired a lot but also have MS so am tired from this all the time too. This liver stuff is new and I want to fight it just as I have done with my other illness.

Information is power and I want to talk to those who are in the same boat. I would do anything to have caught this before it got this far.

Ginraye Ginraye
2 Responses May 8, 2012

Drink lots of water. Take Milk Thistle. Eat a proper diet. Eliminate all Sugar. Sugar is like Alcohol to your Liver. It kills your Liver quick!!!!

We firmly believe that you can regain your health.Please believe that there must be some drug or treatment which can heal you.