Anyone Out There?????

I need some guidance from anyone out there. I live in Canada and my family is from Mexico, my mom has been diagnosed with Hep C and Cirrhosis (from a blood transfusion when I was a kid). She is the straightest person I know, she never drink, or smoke or had any bad habits. In fact we didn't know anything about her illness until her feet started to swollen a couple of years ago.

I was planing on moving back to Mexico in the next couple of years (after I finish my masters program) but I got a phone call from my brother last night and he said all of the sudden she has swollen amazingly (before it was only her feet and now is her hole stomach), and she doesn't want to leave the bed. Think she has given up, and she is now saying good bye to everyone.

I believe that she is in stage 4, she has been talking lactulose, and all kinds of diuretics and medication to stabilize her, but I am afraid that this is coming to an end

I have been searching the web all night, and I can't find much about personal experiences, What is coming next? Does it hurt? Is she suffering? Can I give her a piece of my leaver? What can I do to help her? Is she gonna be in a hospital bed for the next months and then die? Is there any miracle treatment that anyone have heard off and would please share it with me?

I have tried to go back home at least twice a year, and every time I see her she looks skinnier, weaker and more confused than last time (except last summer when she came to visit me and my wife, I even thought she was getting better).

I am planning on putting everything on hold and move back to my country next weekend, but I don't know what to expect.

My dad and my brother and sister have been talking care of her but they don't really tell me much about it. Every time I talk to them "everything is okay" I guess they don't want me to worry.

Please if someone has some answers, some guidance, some advice I would appreciate it very much.

Good bless your heart.

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Thank you Davoren! Her leaver was to damaged for me to give her a piece of mine.
She needed a new one, believe me I tried that!

I had to let her go a few weeks ago

If anyone is going through this with a patience that is already in stage 4, I will suggest. DO NOT WASTE TIME WITH ANY TREATMENTS!!!!!!!! (They will only make it longer but at stage 4 there is no much you can do)

Look for the transplant as soon as possible!!!!!! The period between diagnosis with stage 4 and death is about 2 years, so find a list of organ donor and get on it ASAP.

If it is not here look in other countries!!!!!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to help me a bit!

God bless you all

wow if you are compatible and she is healthy enough you can give her part of your liver,,the gift of life

Look into tcm treatment, it does give very good results in cirrhosis. Read this:
You can also donate a lobe of liver to your mother but you must be compatible with her, you have to do some tests before.

Hi, I live in Canada ,and my wife is going through the exact same thing right now, the swelling and confusion. She been hospitized twice when the confusion got really bad but along with the medications, the doctors have her on Dialysis and restricted to 1. litre of fluid a day, and almost no salt (2000mg),( I don't know if that kind of treatment is available to her or not). It has helped stablize my wife and we are hoping and praying to get her on the transplant list here. rereading this I don't think I've been much help.