I'm 16 And Mum Has Cirrhosis

I am 16 years old and for as long as I can remember mum has been an alcoholic, a heavy drinker as I can clearly remember. Mum is in hospital and has been for the past two weeks... Mum looks as though she is dying - she is only 38 years of age. Having surfed the net on liver failure Mum seems to be suited to the end stages of liver failure. However, I am too shy to ask the doctors to tell me what is actually wrong with Mum and being so young I feel they are hiding information, this means that I am not sure whether Mum has cirrhosis. It is quite confusing actually because I feel like I am waiting for something to happen...

Could anybody help me? Mum has been admitted to hospital as she was jaundice - whites of her eyes are now yellow along with the whole of her body. Mum is passing blood in her faeces and very unstable on her feet. Mum seems very confused at the moment, unable to register what she/I are trying to say. Currently the doctors have said Mum's stomach has enlarged making her come across 8 months pregnant. She is very drained at the moment and the last time I saw Mum she had no energy to even lift her head up to talk. Additionally, Mum's urine is extremely dark and discoloured.

At 16 years old I find it very scary to see Mum in this state... I feel Mum is dying - it is obvious. I have been reading posts on here where what I have described above shows Mum does not have long left to live at all.

Please do not write posts on here saying that Mum will get better because at the moment it seems very impossible. Just if you could possibly confirm whether Mum is in a bad way or not? I have come onto here to try and get truthful answers as it is really breaking my heart waiting for something that could be the end for Mum...


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Hi Ems1....I'm new to this site...and my cuz'n who lives with me has just been told he needs a liver transplant and is in Stage C level 3....when he first came here, a year ago his belly was huge like he was 9 mos pregnant with twins....he was gaunt and had a hard time breathing...and was still drinking then. .he didn't have medical and refused to go to the dr but I found a free clinic when it his breathing got really bad...and I went into each and every one of his appointements... yes he had to give permission for info to be discussed in front of me...privacy laws... of course...but the way I see it... I'm the family he has, he lives with me... I deserve to know what is going on and how bad it is ...what to expect and how I can help.....You to deserve and need to know what is going on with your mum, you need to ask...for me...its better to know than not to know that way I can help be a positive factor thru the situation versus just wondering what is going on and then being blind sided with something tragic.

Knowing you only have so much time will help you make the most of the time left... that's what I learned when my grandma passed of stomach cancer instead of fretting over her deteriorating health, she wanted us to spend time with her, bond and enjoy her last days...and I because I didn't understand the berevity of the situation...I was thinking she'd just get better that I didn't get to spend the quality of time I could have if I'd only known and accepted the situation for what it was....a year later when my aunt was dying of leukemia that was something she taught me as well - life is too short and she wanted to go out happy and do everything she enjoyed while she was still able to... we spent hours talking, crying and hugging, She want fishing, went to her favorite spots and enjoyed herself till the end surrounded by people she loved... I made a point to go spend as much time as I could with her while she was still lucid as that was when it most mattered to her.... she told me once she knew once she was on her death bed or passed everyone was going to come..but she rather we all come now when she can still enjoy our company...and I and another aunt did that. And she even called me the day during her last dialysis to let me know it was going to be soon and to know she loved me and was so happy that we got to spend so much time during her last months on earth...and that she had no regrets and that she just wanted me to be happy and be strong...and sure enough after that dialysis she couldn't make it up the stairs to her house on her own and then went into a coma for two days and passed. And just as she predicted everyone that couldnt' make time to come while she was lucid came during the days she was in a coma and had passed.

You need to know and deserve to know... you are old enough to understand...and actually it's better for you to know and deal with whatever the news is instead of thinking it's this or that...and being blindsided with something totally unexpected.