Claustrophobia Is Taking Control Of My Life...!!

I'm about to go to college and claustrophobia is taking control of my life because I have changed my dreamed career two times! fist I wanted to be an interior designer, I changed and chose international business but everybody tells me that international business is the worst career for me, because you have to travel a lot and be on a plane for hours and most of the time the meetings and all that are in buildings and i thought about it and it's true!! what i'm going to do when i have to go to the 58th floor or something like that ! i feel really bad.I don't wanna change my career again. I live with fear all the time, every day when I go out of my house i feel that someway I'm going to be trapped in someplace an elevator, a car, in the bus, in a classroom. I just can't have peace I live alert all time because of this...!!
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I am a university student who lives on campus and tends to potluck for roommates. I don't have claustrophobia, but I wouldn't be surprised if I have friends who do. If you'd be open to sharing, I'd like to ask about my role in the following situation:

Assuming we are alone but somewhere where this could happen, If my roommate or close friend has a claustrophobia attack, is it better for me as a close friend to step back and give her/him lots of room to allow her/him to calm down, or is there a different way I should comfort my friend?

I really appreciate whatever info you share with me.

I am Innovation Design Engineering student. Currently I am working on my final project, which is related to people who suffer from claustrophobia. Therefore I am looking for people who suffer from this phobia in order to ask couple of questions (survey)
Would you be willing to fill my short survey?
Thank you,

Well you are not alone. I am struggling with this now and learning about it. I will share what I learn.