How It All Started

I am extremly afraid of elevators, sadly my parents force me to ride it. I have no problem if other people are there but I can't face it alone..

It started when I was between 5-9 years old. I got stuck in an elevator and it went dark. It lasted about 2-5 minutes but seemed like hours. Another time I was in the toilet and the lights went out.

Since than I can't stand rooms without windows (especially toilets) and at night I can't stand those motion sensitive lights. I hate elevators (and rather take the stairs) and I would have a minor panic attack if it would malfunction. Has anyone had these experiences? Thanks for listening.
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I am Innovation Design Engineering student. Currently I am working on my final project, which is related to people who suffer from claustrophobia. Therefore I am looking for people who suffer from this phobia in order to ask couple of questions (survey)
Would you be willing to fill my short survey?
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i know how it feels, i had that type of experience :)