I Am Strangely Paranoid Of Elevators

Ever since fourth grade, I feared elevators really bad. I've only been stuck three times, one time I went to the wax museum and got stuck there, another time when I went to the hospital, we were stuck in the elevator for two minutes, and at a mall parking lot when I was four. A weird experience was once when we went to the dentist, I had bugged my mom if I could take the stairs and she said yes. After walking inside the building, there were stairs so I went up, and found that they surprisingly only went up to the second floor (there were 3-4 floors??) So I went with my siblings and mom to the fire exit, and then we ended up trapped in the exit until we found the door. So after me causing all that comotion, we ended up taking the elevator. I started getting really nervous inside the elevator thinking we would get stuck, and luckily we didn't but as soon as we got to the floor I threw up in the trash can that I found first thing. I also hate how it looks when people are stuck, how they try to escape and end up dying... That also worries me.
terrablast765 terrablast765
Jan 17, 2013