Working On Overcoming Claustrophobia

I developed claustrophobia a few years ago, I guess. I never remember having it in high school, so it was probably sometime in college, within the last few years. I used to hate elevators, traffic and tunnels (driving). I even had a mini panic attack while stuck in traffic once, and felt one coming on as I was entering a tunnel. I have talked myself out of those situations and can now sit in traffic, go on elevators, and go through tunnels. Small rooms make me a little nervous as well, but not enough to affect my life, and I can always talk myself out of anxiety. My main problem is airplanes. I hadn't rode on an airplane for at least 5 years until a few months ago. (since before I was claustrophobic). This past December my boyfriend and I traveled to Florida (on plane). YES...I survived...but it was REALLY difficult for me. Even months before the flight I was nervous (watching an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry was on a plane made me nervous even!!). But I got through the plane rides and talked myself out of anxiety. I have other plane trips coming up this summer, and yet I am nervous again. (even though I was fine before).

I need ways to cope with this. I don't want to be nervous to get on a plane. I want to overcome this. I think I can...but I need all of your help and input! Any tips would be much appreciated! :)

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