What Is Wrong With Me Cluster Headache

I have episodic cluster headaches I'm currently in remission hopefully missed them this year but mine usually start at the end of July and last for aprox 2 months they come the same time every day 7:26 feel like theirs something crawling around above my right eye then 8:32 bang I'm smashing my head against the wall punching Walls packing up and down this lasts till about 1130 then I'm so tiered from fighting the pain I go to sleep till about 5 I have a oxygen machine wich helps when I'm having the attack seems to slow the pain up and have sumatriptan injections to use in first instance to abort the attack but only 1 in 4 seem to work and I take verapamil every night which shortened the duration of the attack and are keeping them at bat at the moment fingers crossed
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First of all my utmost sympathies. I too am a CH sufferer and I know how difficult it can be at times. Check out the cluster buster forum (http://clusterbusters.clusterheadaches.com/) for support and information on how others fight the beast. Here is a poem I think accurately describes a cluster attack. Its from a book of poems by Gennaro Episcopo. Sorry the spaces don't come out but here it is....The title is Cluster Queen:

I think I hear her whisper.

I pause and pray
I'm just mistaken.

I try to relax
But I swear I hear her.

Maybe if I ignore her she'll go away.

She laughs.

The sound echoes violently in my head.

There's no denying it now
She's here to play.

She begins her dance
Moving slowly but with great power.
The ground trembles with each step.

Maybe if she stays this pace I can keep up.

She laughs.

It thunders within.
I grab hold.

She picks up the pace.
Bouncing off the walls.
Smashing everything.

I ask why.

The question seems to anger her.
She pulls out her blades.

I moan like a child.
A tear escapes the corner of my eye.
I sit up and begin to rock.
Back and forth.
Back and forth.
Perhaps to keep pace.
Perhaps to shake her out.

She laughs.

Lightening strikes.
It branches off and divides within
Piercing its path throughout my mind.
And again.

I beg.
Leave me.

She laughs.

Cymbals crash.
Her devlish orchestra joins in as she begins her final dance.
Bouncing and Smashing and Crushing and Stabbing.
She moves so fast she seems to be everywhere at once.
The walls begin to crumble.
The demons continue to play their instruments with increased fervor.
Building to a final, terrible, dissonant crescendo.

I fall to my knees.
Then curl into a ball.

I am nothing.

I am a 22 year old female who is also an episodic CH. Mine are coming in the summer now, though they used to me more towards fall. I appreciate your post because you might be the first person to describe the pain that MATCHES mine. everyone else says there is an "ice-pick in my eye". For me, it is more like something stuck in the front temporal lobe, that needs to get out. (i feel like if i could just cut a hole there, it would feel better, but i know that it not the case) Please know you are not alone. . . and yes, I also band my head sometimes. =/ but I'm more about pulling my hair out of that area.

imitrex still works for me, and I'm thankful because i don't have oxygen. Just remember you are not alone. And that is the only hope I can offer you.

I hope your remission continues on >>>>>>>>>!!!!!

I had cluster headaches for 10yrs before being perscribed sumatriptan. Imitrex was like a miricle, but I still got headaches and I could only get 9 pills per month though I would have at least 4 headaches per day. Topamax helped for a while, it made me slow, depressed and stupid. The verapamil is working, been on it for a while with no headaches. I worry about it sometimes because verapamil can cause heart problems.

A nice, natural alternative to verapamil (a calcium channel blocker med) is Kudzu! I read about it a few yrs ago and decided to try it when I became resistant. I was on 960mg of verapamil a day. Made me so unstable.....low, low heart rate :(

imitrex was a miracle for me, too. =D I'm glad the pills work for you, i have to use injections (pills take too long). At first my insurance would only allow 2 shots a month. . . my HR manager at work called around and threatened some one i guess, because they soon apologized and raised the limit it to 8 a month, so i tried to stock pile. Maybe if you speak to someone with in your insurance management team they might be able to help you, too.