A Loved One Has CH

I won't go into detail . . . People know how terrible this condition is. As I read the stories and the comments here, I see so much of what is typical -- bad prescriptions from doctors that don't help the sufferer and make him or her feel even more hopeless. For example, oxygen is the best abortive, but 50% of doctors don't prescribe it, or prescribe it wrong. You need a flow rate of at least 15 liters per minute and a good non-rebreather type mask. Many people need higher flow rates; most people benefit from a mask called the O2ptimask that is made specifically for CH. Most meds lose their effectiveness over time. Sumatriptan in pill form is nearly useless, and not enough injections are prescribed to really help -- but there's a simple technique to stretch your imitrex/sumatriptan injections. Some non-prescription approaches are working really, really well for people with CH, including a regimen based on vitamin D3 and Omega-3 fish oils. I very, very strongly recommend that anyone with CH should go to a CH-related website and join the discussions. The one that has been most helpful to me is clusterbusters.com, but clusterheadaches.com is also a good place to start. I like clusterbusters better for two reasons: (1) there are fewer people there, so you can ask a question and good good responses, but you don't feel lost, and (2) many people there are using psychedelic substances -- at very low, non-hallucinogenic levels -- to treat CH. Many medical research studies have shown that that method works to shorten cycles, prevent cycles, and even end attacks for people with chronic CH. It's not people looking to get high; it's people using a method that works and, in contrast to typical medications, has no real side effects. Maybe it's not for everyone. But for many, it's the best method they have found for getting out of hell. Even if that doesn't interest you, you can also get lots of guidance about other methods at clusterbusters or at clusterheadaches.com.
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Damn me to hell. I keep reading about mushrooms and acid for CH. I have been taking acid and shroom's since I was a teenager. But still with the headaches. I wish that worked for me, no one has to force me to eat a handful of mushrooms.

Then again maybe I would have more of them.