My Story

Basically from birth I suffered from headaches and life stopping migraines. When I was 16yrs old and driving down the road my vision completely "blacked out," I was wide awake but could only see dark. I slammed on my breaks and a few seconds later it was if it never happened. After a few times of instances like that I had a scan and showed a "small unknown mass in the third ventricle." They suggested we remove it though it "posed no danger" and I opted no. They failed to mention I was suppose to go back and rescan from time to time to check for growth. In 2010 I went to the hospital six times in two days (the migraines were so bad I couldn't even move, had to be carried to the car and into the ER) The last time I went in I was blessed to be seen by Kansas city's top Neurosurgeon and he rusehed me into emergency brain surgery to remove a 2in colloid cyst that was blocking my brain fluid from draining into the spine. My brain was swelling. He said after surgery had I come in even six hours later it would have been in a body bag. It was scary but honestly the pain from surgery was nothing compared to the migraines I had!
HayesBabiesMama HayesBabiesMama
Sep 24, 2012