A Girl -- Her Fiance -- And His Third Ventricle Colloid Cyst

On December 21st I took my 24year old fiance into the ER after he came home from work and I thought he was having a stroke. His left leg was dragging, he left arm clung to his side, and he stumbled and fell all over our house before I was able to convince him to get into the car. We were fortunate that when we got to the hospital we were taken seriously, and after a quick CT we found out that he had been suffering from obstructive hydrocephalus (causing all of his "migraines") due to a colloid cyst in his third ventricle. He was immediately taken into surgery and had two VP shunts implanted in his brain. It has been almost a month since this first surgery and I feel like I am dealing with the aftermath and the what is to come all on my own.
We are consulting several neurologists for different opinions, but this is what our neurologist has told us thus far: 2.53mm cyst. craniotomy needed. shunts/tubes in place for the reminder of his life.
Does this sound about right?
Also, my fiance seems to be in complete denial about the seriousness of this condition. I have taken on the responsibility of scheduling everything, and every time I try and have a serious conversation with him he becomes angry. Any help or advice is truly appreciated!!
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Jan 16, 2013