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Thank goodness for understanding, compassionate, curious friends'!  

Today, I talked to a really good friend for awhile and I came to realize how important the small steps are and how they do lead to faster healing!

That is something they said, so all credit to them!

That one, true friend, and I say true, b/c I have never been so touched by the ability of a friend to show me some healing ways, and trusting in me, not giving up on the friendship, even when things got really hard.

It really speaks of the power of connection that goes beyond all reasoning at times!

I am really grateful, I guess, and I have tears in my eyes as I type that out!

We talked about the body, a lot and mine, in particular b/c of my struggles with pain and handling my pain without letting it really cause more severity b/c I really have all I can take.

I found peace! 


I have done my research on the nervous system. I actually started doing that years and years ago, but I got side tracked by other things, and forgot how much my own research even, I negated and left, not taking into account, how healing it can be to address my body and nervous system.

I never really stopped looking for answers to a lot of intellectual questions, but today, I went with my feeling, and it was because I found a friend, who I can trust, I guess.

When we where talking, I looked at them, soon enough and said that I can write, and share by writing, mapping out my past, and addressing my issues, that way, but I longed (I did not say this, but the word is fitting and comes to me now!) to share in human form, face to face, about my body, and find some peace!

I said I have written for years, and I feel they got me, really got me, today!

I still cannot really cry, but I had tears in my eyes, a lot. 

I shared that I wanted to save my writing, for now, and continue to write, but it was very important to me to start sharing in human form, about feelings, a lot more.

It takes time, and for that I am grateful!

The whole conversation was incredibly healing and I love them so much for that!

I plan on writing them a note, hand-written this time (WOW!) to explain how much today meant to me.

It had that much of an impact and all we did was meet and chat for a bit!

Thank goodness for like-feeling, true friends' and connection!

Many blessings and it was an honor!

Peace to you all, I have to go and do my note!

stigmafree stigmafree 31-35 2 Responses May 18, 2010

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Friends are a life line. When you have a good one, don`t forget to be one to that person.

How wonderful for you that you are blessed with such a good friend. Friends are a gift in life and healing is a process that good friends are willing to help with. Your friend will be touched at your note I am sure. I was happy to read your story tonight and that you are on your journey in life in a positive way now. Peace,D.