Can't Stay In Relationships

Ever since i was young and at school, i could only go out with a boy for about a month then i would get bored. All my friends would make fun of me as soon as i got a new boyfriend, everyone knew it wouldn't go as far as a month! As i got older, relationships often spanned out to 4 months then i wouldn't be able to keep going. I love the intimacy and doing things like going to the cinema or out for dinner. But when it came down to calling them your boyfriend and not being able to flirt with other guys, i just freaked.
Now i'm getting older, and a lot of my friends are settling down with boyfriends whilst i'm still dating and seeing guys for a few months. Sometimes i'm in it for sex, when i'm out and about with them i don't even want to hold there hand because people will think i'm going out with them. The thought of being with them for a long time scares me so much. I enjoy seeing a guy, then meeting another one and starting too see him. Then i never get bored! It's so selfish and i realise i have hurt so many people but i just can't bring myself to be in a relationship with any of them.
I am currently seeing an older guy who has an amazing body, he's really fun to be around and is great in bed. However, when we're going to the pub or whatever he'll always hold my hand or have his arm around me. He also plans for us to go places in the future and even bought a toothbrush for me to use when i stay at his! It has been a month, and i am freaking out so badly. Everyone can't understand why i don't want to go out with him, he's perfect for me but i just can't be in a relationship. I'm scared of getting older and being alone but i'm even more scared of actually committing to someone!
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I also have long term commitment issues. I have been married twice and now thinking about moving on again. How do people keep the love alive? Mine has died. Maybe I really haven't found the right guy. But how the hell are you supposed to be sure?

The best thing you can do is accept who you are. Guilt on top of feelings tend not to help. You understand this aspect of yourself, which is a good first step. <br />
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It's also ok to admit this to people you're dating if you feel comfortable enough. I have a male friend who is similar to you in bouncing around from person to person. He's upfront about it, and the women who can't handle it steer clear while the women who can enjoy him for who he is. That way you're also less likely to hurt the other party, since they know what they're getting into.