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I love my wife very much. We have lots of fun together and our sex life is awesome.   I have a hard time not flirting with other women.  I do it alot and feel guilty.  I dont want to hurt my wifes feelings. i love her very much. i would never cheat on her. I just dont know if im making a big deal out of nothing.....
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If it does bother your wife - simple answer for her is turn the tables round. How would you hack it.

The definition of flirting is as follows:<br />
<br />
Flirting is playful, romantic /sexual overture by one to another subtly indicating an interest in a deeper relationship, and can involve verbal communications as well as body language. <br />
<br />
YOU feel quilty because you actually understand the meaning of flirting. YOU know it will hurt your wife because she knows the meaning of flirting. Let's all be grown ups now and do something grown ups do....think-of-others and think-about-your-future. YOU should be flirting with your wife... she is the one you willing comitted yourself to, or were you just pretending when you said "I DO" fool. The sooner you decide to grow up, the happier your life will be.

I always base my actions on the following train of thought: if I saw my boyfriend doing what I was doing right this second would I think it was ok. I think flirting with others is ok - I do it too, but don't have double standards about it. Never do anything you are comfortable having your partner do with someone else.

I think its ok as long as you think about what your spouse would think or say. For example, I flirt but thats because I know my husband does not care if I flirt and he knows I would never cheat its just flirting. But if I thought that it would upset him then I would not do it.

I think flirty people tend to be more open in general so they aren't the kind to sneak around much!

Well if I caught my husband flirting i would go mad, but then I do flirt myself - I guess I have doubloe standards. I don't think flirting does any real harm unless you act on it, it can be upsetting for the other person though so just be careful she doesn't find out

yes the flirting,, its just flirting its never anything more.

Do you mean the flirting?