So today a friend of mine got married. I'm happy for her and I know it's what she wants but, I found out that I am definately terrified of marriage. So she had a very intimate ceremony with just close friends and a commisioner, and I was one of her witnesses. So I was sitting next to her when they were exchanging rings, and as she was saying her vows and crying with happiness, I start having trouble breathing because all I can think of is, wow she's practically signing her life away, as if it were a death sentence. I don't know why I feel this way but I do.
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Thanks for your reply. I definitely don't want kids. She definitely does. Your absolutely right, we have different priorities.

It depends on what your goals in life are. She wants an intimate relationship with a man and probably kids. Marrying because you want to get married is stupid. <br />
I guess your goals in life are differtent than hers. Maybe you don't want kids, or you do want kids, but don't want to be married. This makes you more independant. Something you think she has lost (and you're right).