Need To Get A Grip.. :|

So there was this guy I'd been talking to for a while (let's call him X), like day and night. We texted till 3 in the morning, and talked about the most random things. Soon enough i suspected he started liking me, and my suspicion was confirmed when his cousin confided in me that X liked me and that I should think about it and stuff blah blah blah (X didn't know about that). I told my friends about him. One of them said she wanted to check him out, and asked me whether I had feeling for him too. I didn't know, I told her, and she ended up telling it to X. I wasn't expecting for X to ask me out any time soon, but thanks to that friend of mine, he did and caught me off guard. Not having the time to think, I ended up saying yes. But the thing is, I broke up with him 3 days later. Ironically, couldn't stand him for some reason though there was a time when we couldn't stop talking. I felt suffocated, and like I had a burden on my shoulder I just HAD to get off. And now, I still sometimes crush on guys and all, but every time the prospect of dating one of them comes up, I run screaming for the hills. Absolutely can't tolerate the idea of being confined to a person. Jeez. :[
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And here i thought i was the only one! :|

Let the guys know you want to date but nothing serious or a open relationship, meaning you can date multiple people. You might have a very negative association the word relationship and fear being trapped. I am the same way. In order to be involved with others and not be tempted to cheat I have to let all the men in my life know I want an open relationship