i hadn't really been on ep for some time, until recently, so i thought i'de have a look at the experience groups i was a member of. and i found this one!  ha!  i don't feel this way anymore.  on the contrary, i think i'm ready!  for something deep, lasting, meaningful, and all of that good stuff.

i used to always say that variety was the spice of only recently occurred to me that it is JUST the!

:)  <3

p.s.: goodbye, people of this group.  i wish you all the best!
natasha9 natasha9
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Something deep, lasting and meaningful? I've been looking for that most of my life and still haven't found it. I'm very ready also. In fact, long past ready.

i hear you, my friend. :)

I sometimes wonder if such a thing is even possible, or am I expecting too much, or do I need too much emotionally. I keep hooking up with people who are basically shallow and passionless and I end up having to provide all the fire and passion, which does get tiring.

i think it is. but as people keep reminding me lately, nothing worth having comes without a struggle, or without waiting, etc. there's some truth to that.

Yeah, that's all fine and well, but in my case there aren't too many shopping days left until Christmas, to quote Jack Nicholson in Terms of Endearment. I ain't getting any younger.

at least as a man, you have a longer shelf life!! i know it's crass, but i have to mention it--as a woman i am certainly aware of it!

Then why is it that men die sooner than women do?

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