2 Commit Or Not Commit...

Interesting topic my dear, I would have liked to know more of your thoughts about the subject.  Is it because the one you are currently with, you feel is not enough for you?  Or is it that you realize you are constantly growing and need to explore more of life?

How many commitments have you committed to in the past?

Let's talk.

lonewolf11 lonewolf11
41-45, M
1 Response Nov 19, 2007

I think I get lonely sometimes even though me and my wife get along well,, alot of people I know our just hard to be around my guy friends mostly. i can sit and talk to women but i cant talk to guys cause i guess i just dont know the right ones. My guy friends talk about video games and hot woman and basically just make fun of other people,, however the women i encounter our more compassionate toward others and its just easier to be myself around them. Im not into talking about video games all day or how dumb someone looks,, this is not me,, im not on the earth to make fun of others .. I guess I just know the wrong crowd of guys. they are a bunch of like college dudes and im a married guy who doesnt make fun of others and sees the good in people. I dont usally talk to anyone cause the guys are jerks And i cant really have girls as friends, so usally i'll occasionally chat with a women sitting down at work at lunch and avoid the guys at least mostr of them ,, their is a few I talk to and it is a few,,lol