I ever cut my wrist in office.. and its bleeding a little bit.. It was all because of my ex-boyfriend, who said he don't want me anymore... then i just take a pocket knife and go to toilet, and cut my wrist.. but then he come and said sorry and stopped me to continue my suicide and then we are going back together..

but after all, the destiny is destiny.. we are broke up and now.. and now i am looking for the new future..

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when i was 18, i did cut my wrist, legs, arms many times...because of a man whom i love even today...im so inlove with him that i am very hurt whenever he told me things like what your ex told u....he's my first love and we're still together...i'm 20 now...

its good that you are still together with him..

I hope through your experience your wisdom and love for yourself grows:)

thanks.. now i know that committing suicide is wrong...

True, anything that is not lifegiving to yourself is wrong - whether it is suicide or anything that damages you in any way:)

well you should not do that to yourself if your ex or bf will just leave let them go and dont ever hurt yourself,do you know why because on the first place they are not for you and then it was not your destiny to be with this people,im sure another man is arrange for you by the providence and that means patience and wait,when someone will come it would and then you will know it was him.

thanks for your advice...^^

were friends and yes i like my friends to be safe where ever it maybe across the the seas still even were not personally seeing as normal friends we should care for one another to make this world a better place to live....CHEERS...