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For the past 5 years I've been convincd I was totally in love with this guy I've been dating...then another one of my close friends I really like. The one I've been dating is starting to like a ton of other girls and he even tells me that. He kicks my best friend and whenever I call him he goes 'What do u want?' I really don't want to break up with him, because he is good to me. I need so much help right now. The other guy, let's call him Joe, is a really cool guy. On the fourth of July, wee hung out and it started to rain. A firework malfunctioned and hit me in the face. He ran over to me screaming his head off 'Oh my God are you okay?!?!?!?!' Later, even though we weren't supposed to, we went out into the fields together. We went back a looong way into the woods where we found a coyote tearing some type of bird apart. He pulled out his pocket knife and I picked up a rock. (yeah yeah, a rock I get it) It lust pretty much left us alone and went off. He told me to stay put then ran back out cursing. 'Run!!!' He screamed at me. I ran after him shrieking 'What? What did you see?' We ran back to his house and locked ourselves inside the treehouse there. He told me he had kicked some baby coyote or something like that (I don't remember this was like 2 years ago) and it went running off and through the wire fence he saw this pack or whatever. So we sat there for a second, freaked out. Later, we went outside after it had stopped raining and then after the adults had gone outside, we lit off some fireworks (if the adults would've caught us we'd be grounded for sure) I had so much fun then,since my clothes were soaked, he let me have a sweatshirt and some jeans. My parents let me spend the night and we slept on separate couches in the same room. I can't decide which to pick and the other (not 'Joe') has been a jerk lately. I can't stand to leave him,though. In choir once we held hands and he asked me to kiss him. I told him not in choir. Now whenever I see him I want to kiss him sooo bad. Please tell me who I should pick.
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1 Response Feb 26, 2011

u need to pick the guy you did the fire works wit and was in the rain with