I Have Complex Ptsd Recently Diagnosed And My Husband Has Pd's, Helll-i'm-in-lllp!

There's so much to say but I'd like to find some like minded folks first and foremost.  I want desperately to save this disfunctional marriage but it's pure chaos.  And I'm at my wits end.  While I am getting help from meds, psyc doc, therapist, counselors, pastors and all the self help material i can mangage, my spouse refuses to seek any treatment when he's been told he desperately (I added that adjective), needs it. 

so again....HELLLLLLPPPP anyone???
snowflakemommy snowflakemommy 41-45, F 2 Responses Mar 27, 2012

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PDs? What kind of PD? NPD? ASPD?

Almost all PDs are extremely hard to treat, and if you are in a relationship/marriage with an NPD or ASPD individual, it might be that you YOURSELF are continuing to reenact aspects of your own past (basis of your C-PTSD) in having started, then continued this relationship/marriage.
In all therapy, it's generally stated that the individual deals with his/her own problems first. Consequently, in dealing with your own issues regarding your C-PTSD, you will most likely find an answer/resolution in dealing with your significant other/husband.
Best Wishes.

I know you wrote this while ago and I don't see any responses, so I thought I'd give it a go!
I also suffer from C-ptsd, and get what Life can be like.
I have no answers to your dilemma beyond wondering what it is like living in constant chaos, and why would you, especially if you have children?
My take is all about not passing this on to children.
I am happy to talk to you about living with Cptsd, it's a monster!