Not Much Known About Cptsd

I hate that cptsd cannot be officially diagnosed yet but soon it should be in the book the shrinks use to diagnose people. My therapist said he couldn't officially diagnose me but when it is available as a diagnosis he will change my current one. I'm a victim of childhood emotional and physical abuse at the hands of my mother and father. I experience flash backs of emotions that are so overwhelming it's all I can do to keep myself in one piece. I'm also a self injurer. I use it to try to get rid of the emotional pain. I wish the general public knew more about cptsd.
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Just because its not in the psychiatric diagnostic book doesn't change a thing. PTSD is for single traumas, like car accidents, muggings, even rape. CPTSD is much more common with domestic abuse victims, child hood abuse victims and war veterans. Im in treatment now for it, and all the doctors recognize it. Theres a great book called Getting Past Your Past. It helps with urges like self injury, how to manage flashbacks ect.... And they have me practicing mindfulness techniques and grounding techniques to help keep me stay present. Still its so not easy and takes a lot of time to heal from it. Good luck and stay strong.

I respect your openness about your diagnosis. I, too, have the same diagnosis. It stems from domestic abuse also. I am so sorry for the life that you endured. I agree with one of the responses: it's not in the book of diagnostics but its recognized as DESNOS.

A lot more needs to be looked into for this, but it stems into the different categories that shows c-ptsd symptoms and signs.

Found this for you.

Though mainstream journals have published papers on C-PTSD, the category is not formally recognized in diagnostic systems such as DSM or ICD.[2] However, the former includes "disorder of extreme stress, not otherwise specified" and the latter has this similar code "personality change due to classifications found elsewhere" (31.1), both of whose parameters accommodate CPTSD.

Hope it helps

My ex hubby instead of helping,cheated on me and left declaring I had bpd or something. He was a mechanic,not doctor. I have severe Ptsd. Nice way to treat someone you love who is broken and could use support,so much for better or worse!And docs you are right only see $$$ signs an to get rid of you shove meds on you that make it worse. Hang in there, I am.

That's true, the diagnosis is not in the DSM IV, nor will it be in V. Psychologists still use it though.

What is the difference between ptsd and cptsd? I have similar childhood, flashback, and anxiety issues, and have been diagnosed with ptsd. Thanks so much.

Thank you! Any tips help at this point. It's a miserable damn disorder...<br />
(((hugs))) be well <3

(((hugs))) I share your frustrations completely. Do you have any good tricks for coping. My therapist is useless.

No I'm very sorry. My therapist has been trying to go through memories of my past with me but I am reluctant to do so because of the distress they cause me. He did say this: if you hold on to a positive feeling, just allow it to over take you for ten seconds no matter what it is you start to retrain your brain to feel positive things repeatedly rather than the negative. You have to do it multiple times a day and it takes persistent effort