Need Tips On Overcoming Obsessive Behavior Because Of Cptsd

Hey, i have obsessive behaviors and thoughts because of CPTSD can anyone give me some tips on overcoming them?
I think everyone is going to turn on me
Have to turn everything off at the wall at nights
Wont let anyone look after my kids
Wont let my kids out of my sight, just to name a few
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22-25, F
3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I like this article (below) helped me a lot. I've started working on teh first steps myself and am finding it helpful. It may not help you, but it might. Take care.

Do you have a therapist? One that specializes in CPTSD? It can make a huge difference. There are some medicines you can try too, I haven't found them helpful, but I know others that have.

Iv been fighting this habit for 2and half years but 5years iv bin taking alltogether but most of that time iv bin lyn to my family but my self moreinportaly ,iv never been true to my self or family but thistime iv bin more honest with them &my self am on suboxin now am trying so hard to keep my mind away but the fight with it is so hard,my family are trying to help, wish i was honest at the start but I know now I couldn't be honest if I wasn't with my self. I just really hope this is the start to staying true to my family Android myself.chris barron 07541848631