Just Got Diagnosed. No Help So Far.

Since about six weeks I suffer from what is seen as (adult) c-ptsd. I did reach out for professional help but in my country (as elsewhere I guess) it is not so easy to find help or treatment. I seems I am through the period of flashbacks. Still I am loaded with the pain that came from that.

I does totally confuse me. This is so not me...! I am constantly trying to hang on and to find some relief for the emotional pain. Making the wrong decisions all the time, like breaking up with the very last prolonged friend I had...

I am traumatized in a bad marriage of almost 20 years, but already in my early childhood things went really wrong.

I need to find some people who can give me some tips to stabilize the ongoing instability.

Quite desperate at the moment....
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013


Where are you located? I was diagnosed last night and previous to that was diagnosed with PTSD. If you have trouble with sleeping, Lavndar Essential oils seems to work a little, or at least help somehow. You just dab some onto the base of your neck about 15 mins before bed.
You should look into therapy, meds are kinda limited here from what I've gathered.

Don't freak out when it feels too intense, I know for sure its easier said than done, just hold onto hope that one day eventually, this WILL be easier, and you WILL live a good and loving life-because you deserve it and earned it.

You can do this, I know it =]