I Spend More Time In Flashback Than Actual Present Reality

Sometimes I think I spend more of my time in flashbacks than in actual present life. I find it so hard to stay in the present and I'm always so scared. I no longer believe in safety- it's a nice thought, but it doesn't exist and it never did. I have a "startle reflex" my therapist calls it, that's pretty bad. It's the fear I find so hard to live with, the fear from the past that I can't seem to get over in the present. I haven't known about my diagnosis for long, a few months, I was in a really good hospital trauma unit for four months, but now I'm out and feel worse and worry I'll never be able to function normally again.
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Hi, Flashbacks are so real that the mind actually tells the body it's real and it's happening NOW. If you get even the slightest idea that it's a flashback the way to get out of it is to try and ground yourself. The more you able to do it the more you will live in reality instead of the flashback. If it's at night, put a light on and have some water. Try and tell yourself even though you scared etc THIS IS NOT HAPPENING NOW, I'M OK.
If it happens during the day then maybe leave the room and go outside get some fresh air and wherever you have pain or are hurting in your body rub cream or if u hungry eat thirsty drink do something to tell yourself IT IS A MEMORY.
I understand about startle reflex, try and avoid where possible doors slamming by puting something up against an open door, or close a window if it's windy, don't give it too much attention but prevent where possible. I know not to go up behind my friend and give her a fright or to tickle her etc. Tell those close to you what NOT to do after all it is your body. Hope this helps you in some way.
You welcome to write me any time.

I'll try all of that, thanks.