I Thought It Was Gone...

When I was about 10, after dance class i felt this weird pain in my right foot. We went to the doctors and he told me it was only dancers foot. So I went home thinking everything was alright. A few days later, I woke up and my foot was completely blue, freezing cold and I had excruciating pain. We went to a different hospital and I was hospitalized for about a week. The doctors had no idea what I had and even told my mom that what I was feeling wasn't real and that I was doing this for attention. They finally came to the conclusion that i did have CRPS. I was almost relieved at that point that they knew that what I was feeling was in fact real. We made an action plan and it went crazy well! I had intense physio and in about a month, the pain was pretty much gone! Throughout the pass 5 years i've had a few flare ups in my right hand but it was nothing that I couldn't fix myself with some determination. On Christmas night I felt my right hand(dominant hand) a little cold and I thought it was a little discoloured but I didn't think much about it. The next day I woke up with some pain but I still went on with my day. That night I ended up in the hospital with a crazy swollen, blue/purple, cold hand and tears running down my face with no end. I was in so much pain that I couldn't handle myself. They prescribed to me some Percocet (very strong advil type medication) and some Gabapentin (nerve pain killer). I have been going to physio everyday since January 4th and I have barely done some progress and tomorrow my physiotherapist will immobilize my left arm to force me to use my CRPS hand. Has anybody tried this? I'm getting into a chronic pain clinic sometime soon and I'm hoping it can help. I can't even imagine how hard this will be. I am in extreme pain, my hand constantly feels like it's stuck in boiling hot water and i can't get it to stop.
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Hello Young Lady,

My daughter just turned 17, and I can't begin to imagine her having what you and I have at her age, let alone yours. I love your handle. It acts to encourage each of us with CRPS to do just as it says: Keep our heads up. I've had CRPS for quite some time. If there is anything that I can do to help you: answer any questions, encourage you, support you, please let me know. You're in my thoughts, and I'll check online at this website to see if you need anything. Until then, keep your head up.