I Was Just Diagnosed With Crps 1 Following A 2nd Back Surgery

I was just diagnosed and I am not sure of anything yet.  I know it hurts, it's more the constant numbness, pins & needle feelings, exhaustion, and cold/heat flashes.  The dr.s first suspected it after the skin on the bottoms of my feet started cracking and drying and now it's happening to my hands.  I just had my first round of spinal nerve injections and they are repeating it in 2 weeks.  At first my dr.s were so wishy-washy about diagnosing me and it was driving me nuts because it was so obvious by the symptoms.  And now we are working on getting my pain managed.  I have 2 little babies and am still recovering from my 2nd spinal fusion.  I've found more info about the condition on the internet than from my dr.s.  It's so frustrating.  At least I finally have a diagnosis and they are starting to treat it.  :)

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Glad you got diagnosed and you are on the path to the right meds for you as these are so different for everyone. I always enjoy hearing about people who are able to move forward (we all have our bad days) and live life! I hope you find some comfort. I didn't even know epsom salts and warm water would help until I read it here! I have learned so much since finding this site and I've had it over 3 years....I don't know what took me so long to look for information/support.....nice to meet you, hope you are successful in treatment.

The most important thing is to do exactly what you have done research and get to know RSD and how to cope with it. I had the epidural nerve block 4 times and the first one was the most effective. I almost felt like it was gone for 2-3 weeks. The rest kept diminishing in their effectiveness and the last one left my back really sore and I actually feared it may have made it a litlle worse. I now am on Lyrica and Nortriptylene at night for breakthrough pain and to help with sleep. I am glad that they are starting to treat it, it takes trial and error for what works best with each individual. I did physio and aquafit that helped alot - exercise is key! Warm baths with epsom salts help with pain and improve circulation. Warm/ moist heat pads are your best friend. Mindful meditation, pain groups, support groups are wonderful.<br />
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