I Have Crps Ii

I suffered an injury during my time with the army. I was injured and well after my injury should have healed, the pain persisted. They followed up with doctors which led to my medical discharge. They said I had Degenerative Arthritis. My pain on a scale from 1-10 was at a minimum a 20 everyday of my life. I couldn't work, I couldn't move, my life was hell on earth. I continued to see the VA doctors for the next 5 years. I was bounced from doctor to doctor getting a different BS diagnosis from each one. Neither one paid attention to the previous doctors notes, so it was like starting fresh each time. Mean while, my pain continued to go untreated. They tried hydrocodine, trammadol, ibuprofen 800, gabapentin, etodolac, TENs treatment, all with the same effect, nothing. It wasn't till I called a patient advocate and bi**hed that I was sent to Pain Management and saw a specialist. It took one visit for that doctor to read through my entire file. Looked at all doctors notes. Review my x-rays, MRIs, Bone Scans, ERTs, and just about every other acronym known to the medical world that I was officially diagnosed with CRPS II. My doctor has said that unfortunately for me, they caught it so late that there is unrepairable damage to my knees. I suffer from this condition in both my knees and both my hands. I am only 27 years old and bound to a wheelchair. I can no longer drive. My house isn't wheelchair friendly, so I have to attempt to get around by a cane or walker. This causes me to fall all the time. I have lost teeth, cracked cheek bones, suffered concussions and more as a result. My pain is so severe that I literally have blacked out. The VA has still yet to give me any pain relief due to procedures they must follow. They have to start at the lowest point and work there way up. So, two morals of this story. First is, do not accept a bad diagnosis. If you do have this condition, figure it out early. The later it is, the harder it is to treat. Early treatment could possibly lead to remission. Second moral, if you use the VA, find another doctor.
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I am so sorry to hear you are going through all this. Wonder if some spiritual activity such as meditation might have a positive effect, since medicines cannot help. Many Eastern schools of thought, like Tendai Buddhism, have methods to alter our perception of pain.

The doctors have tried visual imagery. I have attempted meditation, but the issue with both is that my pain is so intense that I can not focus long enough for either to be beneficial. The best relief I have received from these methods is with my depression. It does make me less anxious. Thanks for your input.

Thats ok.