I Have Several Boyfriends, And Am Married

I have had a long term affair, with someone I work with for over 5 years. I also have many other boyfriends. I am unhappily married, for 24 years. This year will be our silver 25th anniversary, and I should be excited. I'd rather shoot myself, than think about that. My other boyfriends are real friends, with benefits. We are all best friends, and have been for years, but still have sexual relationships as well. I could not stay married, if I lost all of my friends. That means both female and male friend, however I am not saying I am a lesbian. I have thought about, trying out that lifestyle, too tell you the truth. But men, have always done it for me, both emotionally and sexually. By friends, I am talking at least 6--8 regular male friends, and then I have my girls, who are girly girls just like me. I do not know if this is normal, but I have never had a one night stand. The least time I have known my latest boyfriend, was 2 years. O.k. is this o.k, as long as I keep these matters, to myself and in check. I have a good job, live in a upper-class neighborhood, and have three beautiful kids. One question, am I crazy?? Or are there more women, like myself out there? 
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i think you have got it right keep things in check andvto yourself apart from ep where you can off load without critisicm

all you want is to be desired, everyone wants to be desired, in the heat of the moment, things happen, but to keep doing this, betraying your husband, and your kids. What does marriage mean to you? Why did you marry?

I understand you and your position, enjoy what pleasure you can get when you can.<br />
Life is for living. God bless and good luck !

it's not always possible to keep things under wraps for too long, but i hope you can. at some point, i realized that i couldn't sustain my extramarital relationships, and have made compromises and now have one extramarital. the reason is that with too many, you sometimes can lose control of a situation. a person says something, someone else sees something ... and all hell explodes. you always need a plan B.<br />
as to whether you are crazy ... maybe. but i suspect that's what makes you so hot? ;) good luck!

What I think is crazy about your situation is that you are pretending to be something you are not. You are living as this married, middle-class wife and mother, when that is not who you are. I suspect your husband does not know about your affairs, although he may suspect you of cheating. But you cannot cheat on someone you really are not married to. Perhaps it's time you thought about ending the marriage for good and moving on with your life.